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NBC: Trump Takes Meeting with Zuckerberg and Thiel-Cryptos on the Table

US news network NBC has run a story that puts US President Donald Trump, Facebook frontman Mark Zuckerberg, and Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel in the White House together sometime last October, and the topic of discussion was likely cryptos. Facebook made a big splash with its Libra project, which was the centerpiece of a… Read More

Governments vs Facebook: The Cryptocurrency Race

Facebook continues to press forward with their Libra Association plans. Libra is the social media’s cryptocurrency project. Announced in June 2019, Libra is scheduled to launch in 2020. World leaders, like United States lawmakers and the European Union members, have been quick to criticize Libra. Citing privacy concerns for Facebook’s 1.74 billion users across the… Read More

Telegram Ignores SEC and Releases TON Wallet

Telegram just launched its wallet, even though the US SEC is in the middle of taking legal action over the company’s TON token. If this all sounds a little complex, you are totally on the right page. Telegram is one of the world’s most popular messaging apps (outside of the great firewall of China), and… Read More

Libra Pits Facebook vs Twitter

There is no denying it—cryptos are hitting the mainstream in a big way. The latest edition of the saga involves social media giants Facebook and Twitter, and they don’t see eye to eye on the next generation of digital money. Facebook frontman Mark Zuckerberg was in front of the US legislature last week, pushing his… Read More

Facebook Antitrust Lawsuit Highlights User Abuse

Antitrust Lawsuits Against Facebook Facebook is facing a New York led antitrust investigation from 46 attorneys. It is very possible that this lawsuit will change the face of privacy and big tech forever. This news comes as Mark Zuckerberg prepares to speak on Capital Hill tomorrow regarding its proposed cryptocurrency Libra. Many states have joined… Read More

Mark Zuckerberg’s Prepared Testimony on Libra

Since the Facebook has unveiled their Cryptocurrency project, Libra, the U.S. lawmakers have been quick to criticize the project. Other world leaders have also raised questions about Libra. In the last few weeks, several original Libra members have backed out of the Libra Association. Those members have included PayPal, Ebay, MasterCard, Visa and Stripe. MasterCard… Read More

Mark Zuckerberg To Testify Concerning Libra

Mark Zuckerberg will testify about Libra Association before Congress in two weeks. The United States Congress has not been shy about criticizing Facebook’s Libra Coin project. The social media’s cryptocurrency project has been under significant scrutiny. One of the major concerns from US Leaders has been the security and privacy of 2.7 billion Facebook users…. Read More

Mark Zuckerberg’s Washington DC Tour Includes Congress and the White House

Facebook CEO’s Mark Zuckerberg met with US lawmakers to address concerns about the future of internet regulations. This week, Mark Zuckerberg conducted his first scheduled visit to Washington DC since 2018. This visit did not included any public events. Zuckerberg’s goal this week: meet with Senators to address internet regulations for the future. He also… Read More

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