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Iran Allows Power Plants to Mine Bitcoin – is Official Support for Decentralized Money Next?

Recent changes in Iranian law will allow powerplants in the nation to mine Bitcoin – and one already has a generator set up for the purpose. The support for Bitcoin is hard to ignore, and opens up a few questions about the future of the platform. Having nations (via state infrastructure) mining Bitcoin is undoubtedly… Read More

The Global Crypto Mining Race – Will New Players Make Changes?

The influence of China in the crypto mining space is undeniable but as more businesses jump into this lucrative industry, it’s impossible to know who will end up on top. In a recent statement, Taras Kulyk, Senior Vice President of Blockchain Business Development from Core Scientific said that there’s fierce competition among the countries for… Read More

Bloomberg Report Predicts Bitcoin Will Be A Store of Value – Like Gold

According to Bloomberg’s 2020 crypto outlook report, which was published last week, analysts predict Bitcoin’s price could reclaim the highs of its 2019 range in 2020. A price target of $14,000 USD was suggested in the report.The factors that could drive Bitcoin higher are a weak US Dollar, stock market volatility, and rising geopolitical tensions…. Read More

Bitcoin Acts as a Safe Haven Asset as Geopolitical Turmoil Ramps Higher

Bitcoin has risen to nearly $8,000 USD this week after Qassem Soleimani, one of Iran’s (former) top generals, was killed by the US military. Investors have wondered if Bitcoin will work as a safe haven asset like gold in times of heightened geopolitical and economic turmoil, and it seems to be rising along with gold… Read More

Iran Embraces Bitcoin

According to a recent survey, 25% of 1,650 Iranian bitcoiners earned $500 to $3,000 a month from working with cryptocurrency. This data offers a surprising glimpse into the evolution of the Iranian bitcoin community, and the initial conclusion is that the classic “store of value” investment thesis proves relevant. Of those polled, 35% earned income… Read More

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