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Coinbase And PayPal Invest Into TaxBit Cryptocurrency Tax Software

PayPal and Coinbase’s venture arms have backed cryptocurrency tax automation software, TaxBit, for the purpose of crypto taxation. Reuters reported, the investment expressing that the money will be used to grow the team and expand the business, said Austin Woodward, the company’s chief executive, and founder. “Going international is a huge piece of the puzzle,”… Read More

Bitcoin Burst Through $20K Conclusively Setting All Time High As Bullish News Continues

Bitcoin has bursted through $20K as we officially enter into a new bull run and price discovery mode has been activated. Bitboy Crypto has been telling you for months that Bitcoin’s infamous 4-year cycle was getting ready to enter the bull market phase. Listen to Ben from Bitboy Crypto discuss the recent market moves in… Read More

VanEck Launches Bitcoin Backed ETN On Deutsche Boerse Xetra

European investment firm VanEck, has launched a Bitcoin exchange-traded-note (ETN) to be traded on the Deutsche Boerse Xetra. 1) Today @vaneck_eu launched a #Bitcoin #ETN. The ETN is physically-backed by Bitcoin and listed on Deutsche Böerse Xetra. Launching a Bitcoin ETP was a top priority for VanEck. We succeeded! VanEck hopes to serve many in… Read More

Fidelity Report: “Retail Investors Will Move To Bitcoin”

One of the biggest investment firms in the world has just green lighted Bitcoin for retail and institutional investors. A new Fidelity report shares a number of bullish sentiments for Bitcoin and the crypto industry. Starting out the report expresses that it’s inevitable that retail investors jump into Bitcoin. Although, the report recently released isn’t… Read More

Voyager Adds Lewis Bateman to its leadership Team

Voyager Adds Lewis Bateman to its leadership Team Voyager Digital has announced the appointment of Lewis Bateman as the new Head of Business Development and International Strategy. The company keeps expanding as its new features attract more users by offering improved trading opportunities. To take advantage of everything Voyager has to offer, make sure to… Read More

Scams are Terrible for the Crypto Industry – Be Careful Out There!

We try to be positive on the crypto markets. It is a new area (a decade is nothing in the world of finance) and cryptos get enough antagonism in the established media as it is. That being said – we hate to see actual scams happen – and there are almost certainly more out there… Read More

New Crypto and Stable Coins have Been Added on Crypto.com

Crypto.com has announced the addition of multiple cryptocurrencies (PAXG, BNT, and REN) to different features in the platform, as well as now supporting RUB. These are the last additions in a long list constantly expanding as the crypto platform keeps expanding and aiming to provide its clients with better services and more options. To take… Read More

Crypto.com Launches VET Exclusive Campaign on Crypto Earn

Crypto.com has announced the launch of an exclusive campaign for VeChain (VET) holders that will allow them to increase their gains passively and faster. To take advantage of the addition of VET to Crypto Earn and all the benefits of this campaign, make sure to click here. By signing up you will also be able… Read More

Crypto.com Lists PAX Gold (PAXG) on The Syndicate platform

Crypto.com has announced the listing of PAX Gold (PAXG) on the crypto fundraising platform with a special event for investors to take advantage of. To harvest the benefits of this new listing event as well as everything the platform has to offer its clients, click here. By signing up you will also be able to… Read More

How to Take Your Crypto Game to the Next Level

Most new crypto investors approach trading with a pump and dump and fiat-based mentality that results in them loosing their money and hindering their options to making good decisions. These are some tips and strategies on how to avoid this. To learn more about the reasons why as well as more tips to improve your… Read More

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