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Power Money Moves in Crypto (Digital Currency Group EXPOSED II)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> In the world of Crypto there are a host of principalities and powers that are vying for influence, control, and history-changing amounts of wealth. They see this as a moment to become the next Carnegie, Vanderbilt or Rockefeller. But the power barons of the early 20th century had businesses and decision-making was… Read More

More Regulators Issue Warnings Against Binance As The Exchange Ceases Stocks Trading

Last week, Binance received additional warnings from regulators global about its exchange and had a few issues with payment service providers. So much that the number one exchange with trading volume has decided to cease its stock token trading offering only launched months ago. In a previous report, Bitboy Crypto covered Binance being targeted by… Read More

Binance Is Being Targeted Global By Regulators; Rolls Out CipherTrace Traveler For Compliance With Travel Rules

The day has finally come where Binance is being targeted by several countries’ regulators for operating an exchange without proper oversight in their eyes, which allows money laundering and illegal futures trading. Binance has recently been put under scrutiny by the U.S., UK, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Japan, India, and now they can add the Cayman… Read More

Facebook Antitrust Lawsuit Highlights User Abuse

Antitrust Lawsuits Against Facebook Facebook is facing a New York led antitrust investigation from 46 attorneys. It is very possible that this lawsuit will change the face of privacy and big tech forever. This news comes as Mark Zuckerberg prepares to speak on Capital Hill tomorrow regarding its proposed cryptocurrency Libra. Many states have joined… Read More

Kik Still Fighting the SEC Over KIN ICO

SEC “Twists” Truth About KIN While Facebook is preparing to take on seemingly the entire U.S. Government over the launch of its stablecoin Libra, another messaging giant is already facing a tough battle. The company behind the Kik messaging app, Kik Interactive, has written a 130 page response to the Securities & Exchange Commission lawsuit… Read More

British Tax Authority Snooping Around Crypto Exchanges

Crypto Exchanges are Starting to Take Heat From the U.K. If you live in the U.K. and have been skirting around your country’s cryptocurrency tax laws, then you may want to read this. HM Revenue & Customs has been applying pressure to crypto exchanges in order to get the names and transaction histories of their… Read More

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