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AMA RECAP: Interview With HowDoo

Earlier this week, this author interviewed the HowDoo team to discuss what’s coming to their blockchain including — farming, staking, and NFTs. The CEO of Hyprr David Brierley a dapp built on HowDoo’s blockchain further chimed in with updates on the long-awaited social media application. Both teams expressed that there was a lot in the… Read More

Decentralized Social Media is Here to Stay and HowDoo’s New Face Wants to Lead the Race

Social Media backed by blockchain has become popular over the last few months as the need for a decentralized platform has become more obvious as a result of events like the recent Twitter social engineering attack. To learn more about HowDoo and Bitboy’s predictions for its, make sure to watch the latest YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JuSRXHdU-0… Read More

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