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Fiat Currency Still the Most Popular Choice for Money Laundering – According to Reality!

One of the charges that seem to pop up over and over again is that cryptos are used extensively for money laundering – which isn’t true. Well – ok – maybe it is a little bit true, but in comparison to cash – cryptos are not at all popular for making dirty money look clean. According… Read More

HSBC: Blockchian Will Ensure Continuity of Trade Finance amid Global Coronavirus Outbreak

Megabanks HSBC, BNP Paribas, and Citi are among eight major banks which developed a blockchain trade finance platform. The Contour platform will be launched in Singapore later this year. It has already completed a successful trial that involved over $30 million USD in letter-of-credit transactions last year. Letter-of-credit (LOC) transactions are a payment mechanism widely… Read More

Big Banks Backing Hyperledger-Based Platform

HSBC Becomes First Bank to Secure Transaction via we.trade Global bank HSBC has become the first to use we.trade, a Hyperledger-based platform, to secure a commercial transaction. The we.trade platform is designed to facilitate commercial trade in the EU, and is backed by some of the world’s largest banks. Global Trade Review (GTR) reported that… Read More

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