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HISTORY! Bitboy Crypto Becomes First Crypto Youtube Channel To Reach 1 Million Subscribers

After years of hard work to no avail, Bitboy Crypto, whose real name is Ben Armstrong, eventually started to see his Youtube channel start to grow in 2020. Since then, just as Bitcoin began its bull run, the Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel has been on an absolutely parabolic run itself, finally reaching 1 million subscribers… Read More

Bitcoin Market Cap Crosses $650 Billion As Total Crypto Market Hits $1 Trillion

Bitcoin has broken $650 billion dollars in total market cap evaluation at the same time that the total crypto market cap has crossed the $1 trillion dollar mark. Anthony Pompliano, noted the new record set by Bitcoin’s market cap as its value topped the $650 billion mark for the first time in Bitcoin’s entire history. … Read More

Largest Bitcoin Transaction Volume In USD In History Moved By A Whale After Large Hashrate Falls

An unknown Bitcoiner just completed the largest dollar value Bitcoin transaction in history, setting a world record in the cryptocurrency space. The unknown whale moved over $1 billion of the digital asset for as little as 0.00027847 BTC, or $3.58 at time of this report. In back-to-back transactions this morning, 45,671 Bitcoin ($602 million) and… Read More

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