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Most Crypto Exchanges Are Not Fully Secured By Design – According to Bybit CEO

Following the KuCoin attack by hackers, crypto exchange security is a hot topic. Bybit CEO Ben Zhou said that the event should not surprise people, as exchanges are insecure by design. In his interview with media, the CEO said that crypto exchanges operate as a potential risk, or “a single point of failure” posed in… Read More

KuCoin Stung by $150mln Hack – Allegedly Stolen Funds Frozen on Other Platforms

Last Friday KuCoin announced that it had been the victim of a massive hack. It is the biggest crypto exchange in Singapore, and KuCoin disclosed that it had detected abnormal and unidentified transactions from its hot wallets. Consequentially, the transactions were confirmed as attacks, and $150 million was stolen in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins… Read More

Tesla Avoided at least a $4 Million in Losses Thanks to a Whistleblower and the FBI

Bitcoin ransomware is targeting larger companies all the time. Tesla Motors was the latest to suffer a ransomware attempt. These programs attempt to withhold data for ransom or threats of exposing or publishing trade secrets and internal documents that are essential for an organization to operate in exchange for large amounts of bitcoins. In the past,… Read More

US Department of Homeland Security – BeagleBoyz are Back!

US financial institutions and global crypto exchanges are facing a new threat from the resurgence of BeagleBoyz, a notorious North Korean hacking group. The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just sent security warnings of high degree of threat and the country should pay attention to the messages issued. As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become… Read More

New Research Finds Security Flaws at Leading Exchanges

A recent interview with the co-founder of exchange security firm Taurus Group, Jean-Philippe Aumasson, uncovered some interesting information. Aumasson said he and his team, working with Omer Shlomovits of ZenGo, found serious flaws in how some major exchanges store cryptos. One of the biggest issues is how multi-key security technology can be exploited, and also… Read More

Hackers Boost COVID-19 Data from Research Firm

The digital infrastructure of a firm which is researching COVID-19 has been infected by hacker group Maze. The group used ransomware to hold Hammersmith Medicines Research hostage, and then managed to steal and publish sensitive data. Cybersecurity firm Emsisoft disclosed that UK-based medical firm Hammersmith Medicines Research (HMR) was compromised earlier this week. Data from… Read More

Leak May Have Exposed 8,000 Digitex Users to KYC Info Theft

The cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Digitex may have recently leaked stolen Know-Your-Customer (KYC) info on Telegram. The data was posted by an ex-employee. According to reports, the data was stolen, then published to the general public. The data drop included passports, driving license scans and other sensitive documentation that was supplied by more than 8,000 Digitex… Read More

Cybercriminals Take Advantage of Kobe Bryant’s Death

Hackers are taking advantage of the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant earlier this week by hiding malware within downloadable mementos of the star. The goal is free crypto, paid for by an unspecting fan. According to Microsoft Security Intelligence, researchers found out that hackers are hiding malicious HTML code containing a cryptojacking script in… Read More

Coinbase Describes How It Thwarted a Sophisticated Hacking Attack

Coinbase Shows Security Strength Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange talks about how they had been targeted and how they thwarted a highly-target, sophisticated, and thought-out attack. The attack had been aimed at getting access to the system and over a billion dollars worth of crypto. On a blog posted on 8th of August, it displayed the… Read More

Chinese Hackers Targeting Crypto Firms

State Sponsored Chinese Hacking Group Attacking Crypto Firms An intelligence company, FireEye Thread Intelligence, has filed a report stating that a Chinese espionage group, APT41, is specifically targeting crypto firms. What’s even more concerning is that this seems to be a state-sponsored campaign. China now joins North Korea in state-sponsored crypto hacks. Recently, a report… Read More

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