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Largest Hack In Crypto History $611 Million Stolen From Poly Network

Cross-chain protocol Poly Network has been exploited on all of its chains for a total of $611 million, the largest known hack in crypto history thus far. UPDATE: 2:00 P.M. EST — Blockchain security firm SlowMist has said that they have tracked down the attacker’s real life ID. The firm claims to know their email… Read More

Most Crypto Exchanges Are Not Fully Secured By Design – According to Bybit CEO

Following the KuCoin attack by hackers, crypto exchange security is a hot topic. Bybit CEO Ben Zhou said that the event should not surprise people, as exchanges are insecure by design. In his interview with media, the CEO said that crypto exchanges operate as a potential risk, or “a single point of failure” posed in… Read More

Malware-laden Bogus Crypto Site Unioncrypto may be Product of North Korean Hacking Group

Dinesh Devadoss, a malware researcher was the one who discovered this malicious code on Unioncrypto that is believed to have been created by Lazarus the infamous North Korean hacking group. This is according to a Wednesday report by Bleeping Computer. According to the report the site had no live download links. In addition, the site… Read More

Two Hackers Get Nailed in SIM Swapping Scam

SIM swapping is a dirty way to gain access to a persons digital life. Two men from Massachusetts were recently indicted on a number of charges related to a multi-state SIM swapping spree that also included allegedly making direct threats to crypto holders, and their families. Eric Meiggs, 21, and Declan Harrington, 20, both Massachusetts… Read More

Coinbase Describes How It Thwarted a Sophisticated Hacking Attack

Coinbase Shows Security Strength Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange talks about how they had been targeted and how they thwarted a highly-target, sophisticated, and thought-out attack. The attack had been aimed at getting access to the system and over a billion dollars worth of crypto. On a blog posted on 8th of August, it displayed the… Read More

Binance Hid Extent of May Hack From Users

Hiding the Truth is the Same as Lying Yesterday we posted an article on the Binance KYC Hack drama and walked away with more questions than answers. Today, Coindesk has provided a lot of the answers. Coindesk has some exclusive insider info to the story considering they have actually been in touch with the individual… Read More

North Korea Using Crypto Funds for WMDs

Ever Wonder Where Your Hacked Crypto Went? Unfortunately, many people who do not truly understand Bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency world tend to associate Bitcoin with criminals. I saw this in my own life, as my mother literally said to me a few months ago, “I like the idea of cryptocurrency, but I just wished… Read More

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