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Citibank: “Bitcoin: 21st Century Gold” Could Reach 300K December 2021

A Citibank executive stated in a leaked report titled: “Bitcoin: 21st Century Gold” that he believes BTC could reach as high as $300K by next December, potentially defying its cycle. Citibank bitcoin technical analysis. Target: Moon. pic.twitter.com/prB1YjVNhX — Alex (@classicmacro) November 13, 2020 The report was sent out to Citibank’s institutional clients urging them to… Read More

Goldman Sachs is Bi-Polar on Bitcoin – Prop Token Will Probably Flop

Wall St. seems to be reluctantly warming up to cryptos, but Goldman Sachs appears to be having a hard time making up its mind. After the mega-bank’s anti-Bitcoin rant earlier this year, it is reportedly working on its own blockchain platform that would allow people to use Goldman tokens. There isn’t much info about the… Read More

MIT’s Narula – Goldman’s Ire Positive for Crypto’s Goals

The CEO of Lightning Labs, Elizabeth Stark, and MIT’s Neha Narula dropped some heat on the recent Goldman controversy during Messari’s Mainnet conference, which was held on Monday. If you want to read a little deeper into the commentary, just click here for more details. There is a lot to like about what they said,… Read More

What are Cryptos – Really?

So I am a little late to the party. The Goldman report that bashed cryptos and gold created some serious waves in the community and made a few people pretty irate. I am not one of those people. Of course, I disagree with the report from Goldman, but I wonder why people take these Wall… Read More

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