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Goldman Sachs Says Bitcoin Is A “Retail Inflation Hedge With No Threat To Gold” Compares To Copper

Goldman Sachs’ head of commodities research Jeff Currie has stated that Bitcoin is “the retail inflation hedge” calling it not digital gold but comparing the number one digital asset to copper. Currie added, that  gold and Bitcoin can co-exist and does “not see bitcoin’s rising popularity as an existential threat to gold’s status as the… Read More

Citibank: “Bitcoin: 21st Century Gold” Could Reach 300K December 2021

A Citibank executive stated in a leaked report titled: “Bitcoin: 21st Century Gold” that he believes BTC could reach as high as $300K by next December, potentially defying its cycle. Citibank bitcoin technical analysis. Target: Moon. pic.twitter.com/prB1YjVNhX — Alex (@classicmacro) November 13, 2020 The report was sent out to Citibank’s institutional clients urging them to… Read More

Another Billionaire The Bond King Says Bitcoin A Good Hedge Against Inflation

Doubleline Capital’s CEO, also known as the billionaire “bond king” Jeffrey Gundlach, has prophesied that the stock market is going to “crack pretty hard.” While Bitcoin and gold he says will be good hedges against the coming collapse and inflation. Billionaire fund manager Jeffrey Gundlach discussed Bitcoin on the Rosenberg Research webinar earlier this week…. Read More

Conspiracy Fact – JPMorgan Pays $920 mln in Fines for Gold and Silver Price Manipulation

For years there have been allegations against mega banks like JP Morgan – the idea was simple – major banks were using the US futures markets to drive down the price of silver and gold – clearly trying to prop up the value of the US dollar. In a recent release published by the Department… Read More

Crypto Accelerates to Become The Top Asset Of 2020 – DeFi Leads the Way

This year continues to witness crypto distinguish itself as a hot asset class. In the latest updates from the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, in 2020 alone, crypto market – which includes decentralized finance (DeFi) – has gone up by 66%, leaving gold behind by 20% to achieve the best performance of the year. This result… Read More

A Few Days isn’t a Trend – But Things may be Changing in the Crypto Markets

The massive risk-on rally that started earlier this year as central banks pumped loads of EZ money into the markets might be on the edge of a collapse. While crypto did participate in this rally – it looks as though tokens may be trading along side of other alternative assets – like gold. To be… Read More

The Crypto Phase Change is Coming – Alternative Assets Will Shine

When writing about cryptos and precious metals (PMs) the phrase ‘alternative assets’ is used a lot. We should know – we use it all the time. It might seem strange to think about why one assets is an alternative to another one… Aren’t all assets just assets? No – and we need to talk about… Read More

COMEX Turns into Gold Vacuum – Why the Wall St. Gold Rush?

Investors tend to look at price first – but the volume of market moves can be a much more important factor – especially when it comes to the physical delivery of a commodity. Wall St. is buying up physical gold and silver at a frightening pace. While the US has been a precious metals trading… Read More

Berkshire Buys Gold via Barrick – is Buffett Betting Big on Alternative Assets?

Warren Buffett – still the head at investment powerhouse Berkshire Hathaway – might be turning his back on the Wall St. money making machine. Berkshire’s most recent 13 F showed that the company bought around $500 million worth of Barrick Gold shares, and also dumped shares in JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs. All of… Read More

When HODL Spells GOLD: Why Bitcoin is Being Held as a Long-Term Investment

If you’re new to the bitcoin world and crypto trading scene in general, you’ve probably stumbled across the term “HODL”. Pronounced like “coddle”. While the term comes from a misspelling for “hold”, it’s become a popular acronym for the term “Hold On for Dear Life” within the cryptocurrency sphere. Popularized in 2013, the term became… Read More

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