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HSBC: Blockchian Will Ensure Continuity of Trade Finance amid Global Coronavirus Outbreak

Megabanks HSBC, BNP Paribas, and Citi are among eight major banks which developed a blockchain trade finance platform. The Contour platform will be launched in Singapore later this year. It has already completed a successful trial that involved over $30 million USD in letter-of-credit transactions last year. Letter-of-credit (LOC) transactions are a payment mechanism widely… Read More

Blockchain Deployment Rises during nCoV19 Outbreak in Asia

China is using blockchain technology to archive medical data, track the supply of virus prevention materials and consult the public amid the coronavirus outbreak. The nCoV19 outbreak has brought the Chinese economy to a standstill, and may be the worst viral outbreak in modern times. According to the People’s Daily Online (Chinese domestic news), there… Read More

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