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1 Million IOST Airdrop from Watermelon, Wax Gourd Mining Pool & HUSD-Happening Now!

Dear IOST family, To celebrate the official launch of the HUSD stablecoin on IOST, the IOST-based popular liquidity mining projects — Watermelon and WaxGourd will co-host alongside HUSD team a handful of events with 1 million IOST airdrops. Without further ado, the event details: HUSD x Watermelon Events Event Period: 25 Jan 2021 to 03… Read More

1,000 Redeemable NFT Tokens Giveaway to Celebrate HUSD Launch

With the highly-anticipated HUSD stablecoin successfully integrated into IOST blockchain on 22 Jan 2021, IOST is giving away 1000 NFT tokens in the second last NFT event of the year-long IOST NFT series for our global family. By now, you must be all familiar with the IOST NFT series. Excited to get your next NFT… Read More

IOST Giving Away 1,000 Redeemable NFT Tokens to Celebrate Defi Watermelon Launch

Following the launch of the Watermelon (Xigua) DeFi project on 27 October 2020, IOST is conducting the 6th NFT Giveaway Event in the long-term NFT series, happening from now to 6th November 2020. Only 1000 Watermelon Xigua badges are available for 1000 IOST global fans. Grab your free NFT badge now before they run out!… Read More

Crypto.com Launches an Exclusive Campaign to Celebrate the Addition of SAND

Crypto.com has announced the addition of The Sandbox (SAND) to the list of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins on its App, as well as an exclusive campaign. The Hong Kong-based platform is continuously expanding its services to provide users with new investment opportunities. To take advantage of crypto.com’s constant expansion and receive $50 by signing up for… Read More

Crypto.com Rolls Out MKR Listing Event for MKR and DeFi Swap Giveaway

Crypto.com has announced the launch of an event on The Syndicate to celebrate the listing of MKR, as well as a DeFi Swap Giveaway. The crypto platform is constantly expanding its features available to users, as well as adding benefits. To take advantage of everything Crypto.com has to offer and receive $50 by signing up… Read More

Crypto.com Exchange Launches Stake-to-Take Along with Twitter Giveaway and Competition

The Crypto.com trading platform has announced the addition of the Stake-to-Take program to the crypto.com exchange as well as 2 events to celebrate. The company is constantly creating new features and tools based on the market needs and users’ suggestions, making it a great option to take your trade to a whole new level. Make… Read More

Crypto.com Launches BTC Special Event and Giveaway

Cripto.com users now can receive Bitcoin through both The Syndicate’s special event and the special Giveaway taking place on the platform. As Bitcoin’s value continues to grow, Crypto.com is taking advantage to provide its users with more opportunities to win in its continued effort to reward users and expand the platform’s features. Click here to… Read More

Crypto.com Launches BTC Special Giveaway in The Syndicate

Crypto.com has announced the launch of its latest Sweepstakes campaign which will allow users to win part of a prize pool of $50k worth of Bitcoin.     To take advantage of this giveaway to increase your capital with the chance to win Bitcoin, as well as getting $50 if you sign up for the crypto.com… Read More

Crypto.com Announces Giveaway to Celebrate 200K Twitter Followers Milestone

Crypto.com has recently reached 200k Twitter followers and has decided to celebrate by launching a new giveaway with 200k CRO in prizes. To take advantage of the event and get a chance to win 20k CRO, as well as getting $50 if you sign up for the MCO card, click here. Participate to Get a… Read More

Phemex Celebrates its First Anniversary with a Twitter Giveaway

As the Phemex exchange continues to grow in popularity, it is celebrating its 1st-anniversary by launching a Twitter giveaway event with the #phemexversary. To join the celebration and take advantage of the zero-fee trades that Phemex offers its users, as well as other multiple befits, make sure to click here. Phemex is Giving Back to… Read More

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