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Bitcoin Proves The Haters Wrong (Top Crypto Makes Millions for Hodlers)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> Bitcoin has had a scary good run over the past few weeks, with haunting1 ETF approval news and price action that could make you scream!2 Today’s Bitcoin update has a Halloween theme, so grab your costume and join us on a trick-or-treat treasure hunt for everything Bitcoin! Futures ETF approvals, price action,… Read More

Binance is Updating its Affiliates Program

Binance has announced the addition of Quarterly Binance Futures Contracts and Binance Futures Affiliates to its referral program. To take advantage of this new addition as well as all the benefits and features that Binance has to offer as it continues its expansion, make sure to click here. Invite your Friends to Binance Futures and… Read More

KuCoin is Creating a Reliable and Safe Exchange

KuCoin is a well-known Singapore based crypto exchange launched in 2017 which offers its users with unparalleled security through its industry-leading security practices. The exchange offers multiple features to its users as well as supporting over 185 cryptocurrencies. Make sure to click here to take advantage of all the benefits KuCoin has to Offer. KuCoin… Read More

Phemex Claims to Be the World’s Fastest Exchange

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Phemex disclosed that it may be one of the best crypto exchanges available to users due to its speed, stability, and variety of features. Phemex is led by eight former Morgan Stanley executives who have claimed the platform to be the world’s fastest exchange in the market. The company is confident that… Read More

Bityard Review – Complex Contracts, Simple Trading!

Bityard is one of the world’s leading digital contract trading platforms and is received a strategic investment from a US hedge fund worth $10 million USD. The platform is built which its goal is to take participate in research and development of relevant forward-looking technology. If you would like to sign up for an account… Read More

How to: Stay Safe in the Crypto Futures Market

Trading futures contracts can be extremely profitable. Most futures trading platforms allow you to leverage your capital, which means larger gains when you are on the right side of the trade. Conversely, a bad trade will be more expensive, which makes limiting your risk a vital part of trading futures. As cryptos have become more… Read More

Learn More About Crypto Futures!

Futures are derivative contracts that make it much easier to trade financial instruments, and now there are lots of ways to trade cryptos with futures contracts. In addition to making it much easier to trade quickly, futures often offer leverage that can be used to magnify the direction of the market. There are many new… Read More

Binance Launches NEO Futures with Up to 50x Leverage

According to an announcement released earlier this week, Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance will launch the NEO/USDT futures and traders will be able to use leverage of up to 50x when trading the contract. Leveraged trading refers to using more money than is in a trader’s account to amplify the moves in a given market, so… Read More

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Platform Surging

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Surge as  Options Announced The Bakkt Bitcoin Futures platform is seeing increases in volume. The launch of the platform was seen by many as a flop due to the insanely high level of anticipation from the crypto community. Only days after the launch, Bitcoin saw a drop from $9800 to $8100 with… Read More

LedgerX Jumped the Gun: CFTC Has Not Approved Bitcoin Futures

LedgerX Falsely Claims to Be the First to Physical Bitcoin Futures Contracts Yesterday, reports stated that LedgerX had become the first company to offer physical futures on its Omni trading platform. This was exciting news all over the crypto space. However, these reports have proven to be premature at best. Today the CFTC has set… Read More

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