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Bloomberg Article Falsely States That Bitcoin Is “Dirty Energy” Using Flawed Data Coinshares Debunks Them

Bloomberg published a narrative that has continued to be debunked for a long time that mining Bitcoin is bad for the environment due to its use of energy, and Coinshares quickly swung back debunking the argument. “The Bitcoin algorithm demands increasing amounts of computational power to validate transactions. If it were a country, its annualized… Read More

BitMex FUD About Bitcoin Double Spend Aids Market Crash?

Why is the market crashing? It’s speculation but many are pointing to BitMEX’s Research’s investigation of a possible double spend transaction which turned out later to be false, as a catalyst for the crash. Bitmex Research tweeted out that they had identified what they believed to be a double-spent Bitcoin transaction.  On Jan. 20th, BitMEX’s… Read More

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