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Mexico’s Second Richest Person Ricardo Salinas Pliego Is Bullish On Bitcoin

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Ricardo Salinas Pliego said he was bullish on Bitcoin calling it, “the best investment ever.” Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who is the second richest man in Mexico and chairman at conglomerate Grupo Salinas confessed to Cointelegraph in an interview that he first bought Bitcoin in 2013, when it was worth around… Read More

US Federal Deficit Explodes – USG on-track to Spend $3tln Over Receipts in 2020

Do numbers matter anymore? Based on what the US government and Federal Reserve are doing – one is inclined to say – no. 2020 has been a wild ride, and the political reaction to COVID-19 has created record federal deficits in the USA. Earlier this year there was a monthly deficit spend of over $800bln,… Read More

Fiat Currency Still the Most Popular Choice for Money Laundering – According to Reality!

One of the charges that seem to pop up over and over again is that cryptos are used extensively for money laundering – which isn’t true. Well – ok – maybe it is a little bit true, but in comparison to cash – cryptos are not at all popular for making dirty money look clean. According… Read More

Where are the Crypto Markets Headed?

Across the world, crypto investors are holding their breath, and keeping an eye on as the Bitcoin price – which is testing the $10,000 level. Since the middle of August, Bitcoin has been selling off – although most risk assets are under pressure. The EURUSD pair, which looks to be closely tied to risk sentiment,… Read More

The Crypto Phase Change is Coming – Alternative Assets Will Shine

When writing about cryptos and precious metals (PMs) the phrase ‘alternative assets’ is used a lot. We should know – we use it all the time. It might seem strange to think about why one assets is an alternative to another one… Aren’t all assets just assets? No – and we need to talk about… Read More

Central Banks are Buying More Than $1bln in Assets Hourly – Hello Fiat Firestorm!

Global central banks are in to some new ideas in a big way. While the global crisis of 2008 saw central banks up their asset purchases over a number of years – the mega crisis of 2020 is being used as an excuse to buy more than $30bln in assets on a daily basis. Since… Read More

Braindead Central Planners Will be Great for Crypto Prices!

Central planning is terrible for most people. The fate of millions in the former USSR was sealed by central planners who had no idea how stupid their views on how to run a society were. By the end of what was a horrible chapter in human history – dictators were being killed by angry mobs,… Read More

Crypto Funds Enter the Market – More Options are Sure to Come

There aren’t many crypto funds in the marketplace, but that is probably going to change as decentralized currency becomes even more popular. Many people don’t know there are more tokens than Bitcoin, let alone how to buy and invest in all the cryptos that are out there. Bitcoin Capital is one of the newest entrants… Read More

COMEX Turns into Gold Vacuum – Why the Wall St. Gold Rush?

Investors tend to look at price first – but the volume of market moves can be a much more important factor – especially when it comes to the physical delivery of a commodity. Wall St. is buying up physical gold and silver at a frightening pace. While the US has been a precious metals trading… Read More

EX-FDIC Chair Sheila Bair Knows the System is Dirty – it Will End in Spectacular Fashion!

Who sets up other people to fail – so they can win? A real @$$ho*& is who. There is little doubt that the Western financial system is designed to keep a very small group of people fat – while the serfs try to eek out whatever living they can manage. Fiat currency sucks. The idea… Read More

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