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Yale And Fed Researchers Publish Document On Stablecoins Ahead Of Biden Admin Meeting Discussing Regulation

Yale and Federal Reserve researchers have published a document entitled: “Taming Wildcat Stablecoins” on SSRN’s eLibrary, proposing how to address “systemic risks created by stablecoins, including regulating stablecoin issuers as banks and issuing a central bank digital currency.” “Cryptocurrencies are all the rage, but there is nothing new about privately produced money. The goal of… Read More

“Fed Open To Private Sector Collaboration In Possible Digital Dollar” Jerome Powell

The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell has proclaimed the Fed is open to collaboration with private companies in creating a possible digital dollar, Yahoo News reported. “We will have lots of conversations with industry and stakeholder engagement, and that’ll help us in our work on digital currencies and cross-border payments,” Powell said in… Read More

Libra Association Highlights its Importance at CES

The Libra Association was founded by many large companies that are working to launch the Libra stable coin. Libra is a private cryptocurrency designed by Facebook, and it has been a hot topic for months. The real issue is that Facebook would become the controlling entity over a private banking network, which makes a lot… Read More

Binance CEO Zhao: Cryptos Long Term Trend is Positive

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, who is the CEO of crypto firm Binance, thinks that cryptos have a bright future. He echos a recent report from Blockchain Capital that called for much higher crypto prices next year. According to Zhao: “Bitcoin is still a small market cap instrument so there will be high volatility in the short… Read More

US ACH Clearing Network Breaks – Cryptos Could Help

The FED’s Automated Clearning House (ACH) network is the backbone of the US direct deposit system, and for the second time in a year, it just broke. The outage happened in the lead-up to the Christmas season, when people need access to their direct deposits the most. According to Jean Tate (via Bloomberg), a spokeswoman… Read More

$400 Billion From the FED – Bitcoin’s Chance for a Santa Rally?

The US Central Bank, AKA the FED, is dumping loads of liquidity on the market for the end of 2019. The FED will be using repos, a kind of repurchase agreement, to inject around $400 billion USD into the markets on a limited-time basis. That is a lot of fresh cash, and some are wondering… Read More

JP Morgan/FED Action May Have Been Behind Crypto Takedown

Interbank liquidity isn’t the sexist topic out there, especially with crypto enthusiasts. The forces in play in the interbank market are enormous, and an explanation of how complex the FED/FOREX/REPO/Funding markets are is well beyond the scope of a single article (or book). For now, let’s just say that all of the biggest markets are… Read More

Will Ripple Team Up with the U.S. Government?

Is Ripple Moving Toward FedNow Payment System Earlier this week, the Federal Reserve released a press release detailing its plan to put out a payment platform that can do transaction settlement quickly with no downtime. This sounds eerily similar to the goal of Ripple’s xRapid platform. Naturally, the XRP community has been very excited about… Read More

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