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Coinbase Working In Cahoots With The U.S. Government Closes Deal With ICE

Coinbase plagued by various scandals over the years, once a target of the IRS, now wants to sell blockchain analysis software to the IRS and federal government. Arguably one of the most significant U.S. cryptocurrency businesses is seeking to go against its customers by arming the feds with tools to go after cryptocurrency holders who… Read More

FBI Arrest Leader Of Large $35 Million Ponzi Who Tried To Escape On A Sea Scooter

An alleged leader of a crypto Ponzi scheme that managed to garner $35 million for false crypto mining and other investments tried to escape the FBI on a “sea scooter” underwater. Matthew Piercey is accused of being the mastermind behind two fraudulent firms, Family Wealth Legacy LLC and Zolla Financial LLC. It’s claimed that Piercey… Read More

Tesla Avoided at least a $4 Million in Losses Thanks to a Whistleblower and the FBI

Bitcoin ransomware is targeting larger companies all the time. Tesla Motors was the latest to suffer a ransomware attempt. These programs attempt to withhold data for ransom or threats of exposing or publishing trade secrets and internal documents that are essential for an organization to operate in exchange for large amounts of bitcoins. In the past,… Read More

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