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Facebook Changes its Plans for Libra

Facebook may be modifying its plan for releasing Libra in 2020. The company-controlled token has been controversial, and has caused concern in the US government. The Libra project was introduced last year, and social media giant Facebook claimed the cryptocurrency would be a simple global currency. It would also have the power to transform the… Read More

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Facebook’s Digital Commerce 2030 Vision – Ignores Libra

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described a vision for 2030 with a list of his goals for the social media Goliath, which is an extensive “opportunity” for Facebook to “decentralize” finance and business. Libra was ignored. According to Zuckerberg: “Over the next decade, we hope to build the commerce and payments tools so that every small… Read More

NBC: Trump Takes Meeting with Zuckerberg and Thiel-Cryptos on the Table

US news network NBC has run a story that puts US President Donald Trump, Facebook frontman Mark Zuckerberg, and Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel in the White House together sometime last October, and the topic of discussion was likely cryptos. Facebook made a big splash with its Libra project, which was the centerpiece of a… Read More

Facebook’s David Marcus is a Fan of Bitcoin

Social media giant Facebook is planning to launch new cryptocurrency next year, called Libra, which has made bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry struggle. David Marcus, Facebook’s head of cryptocurrency projects, said Bitcoin is “digital gold”. Although its extreme volatility being held back, bitcoin is “serves a completely different purpose”. Speaking at the New York Times DealBook… Read More

Governments vs Facebook: The Cryptocurrency Race

Facebook continues to press forward with their Libra Association plans. Libra is the social media’s cryptocurrency project. Announced in June 2019, Libra is scheduled to launch in 2020. World leaders, like United States lawmakers and the European Union members, have been quick to criticize Libra. Citing privacy concerns for Facebook’s 1.74 billion users across the… Read More

Telegram Ignores SEC and Releases TON Wallet

Telegram just launched its wallet, even though the US SEC is in the middle of taking legal action over the company’s TON token. If this all sounds a little complex, you are totally on the right page. Telegram is one of the world’s most popular messaging apps (outside of the great firewall of China), and… Read More

Libra Pits Facebook vs Twitter

There is no denying it—cryptos are hitting the mainstream in a big way. The latest edition of the saga involves social media giants Facebook and Twitter, and they don’t see eye to eye on the next generation of digital money. Facebook frontman Mark Zuckerberg was in front of the US legislature last week, pushing his… Read More

Bitboy Crypto News Podcast Releases TODAY!!

The Bitboy Crypto brand now includes a podcast, The Bitboy Crypto News Podcast. Now available! Each week, hosts, Ben and Bethany, will take a deeper look into a cryptocurrency and blockchain technology news story each week. The first 10 episodes cover conversations like, “What is Bitcoin?”, “Cryptocurrency in America”, and more. Ben Armstrong, also known… Read More

China’s Crypto Law Goes into Effect January 2020

Chinese state-run CCTV reported that The Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress in China has passed a new law regulating cryptography on Oct. 26 that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2020. The new regulatory framework sets standards for the application of cryptography and the management of passwords. It establishes the role of… Read More

The 21st Century Internet Race Between China and The U.S.

In 1955, when the United States announced plans to launch a space satellite, the announcement also created a race between the United States and Russia to see who would make the most innovative and historical space development. Landing on the moon was a historical moment for the U.S., but it also indicated that the U.S…. Read More

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