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Ethereum Nodes Break Services After Berlin Upgrade

Ethereum’s latest network upgrade, Berlin, has finally gone live on Thursday. However, it wasn’t without issue causing various problems due to out-of-sync nodes for companies and services that rely on the Ethereum software client, OpenEthereum. OpenEthereum has a consensus error at block 12244294. We are diagnosing the root cause and will keep you posted. https://t.co/iNux7pHe9X… Read More

Miners Threaten Hash War Over EIP-1559, Vitalik Buterin Says L2 Optimism Ready To Scale ETH 100x

Miners are aiming to protest the EIP-1559 proposal that will cut their revenues due to the current flawed mechanics of gas fees bidding. Meanwhile, Vitalik Buterin the Co-Founder of Ethereum has stated that ETH is ready to scale imminently within the next couple of weeks with Optimism an L2 cross-roll up solution A group of… Read More

EIP1559 Passes Despite Miners Objecting, Ethereum Set To Become Deflationary And Harder To Mine In July

The long-awaited upgrade to the Ethereum network EIP1559 entitled: “Proposal to include EIP-3238 (diff bomb) in London #256″ will result in ETH becoming a deflationary asset in July, codenamed the “London” hard fork. Ethereum’s lead developer Tim Beiko proposed the inclusion on an Ethereum Core Developers call. There were no objections from the developers, but… Read More

Amazon AWS Offers Ethereum As An Option On Its Managed Blockchain Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced today that Ethereum is now available on its Amazon Managed Blockchain. AWS users can now set up Ethereum nodes and join the public Ethereum main network on the Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB.) “Amazon Web Services (AWS) announces general availability of Ethereum on Amazon Managed Blockchain. Ethereum is a popular decentralized… Read More

Coinbase Announces ETH 2.0 Staking Amid All Time High Locked Up On Ethereum Beacon Chain

Coinbase has announced that it will offer staking services for Ethereum 2.0, allowing customers to earn 75% of the rewards. Coinbase announced the waitlist for Ethereum 2.0, staking in a blogpost. “By joining the waitlist today, customers will be first in line to earn ETH2 staking rewards,” said Coinbase’s senior product manager for retail, Rhea… Read More

Reddit Announces Partnership With Ethereum Foundation

Reddit has announced that it has partnered with the Ethereum Foundation on blockchain scaling solutions. Reddit and Ethereum Foundation have partnered up to bring blockchain and scalability to the popular online forum. A Reddit admin “u/jarins” announced it through a post on the social platform. The partnership is exciting for both Ethereum and Reddit, as… Read More

Ethereum Hits New All Time High $1428 After Years

Ethereum, the largest altcoin by market cap, has finally reached new all-time highs in USD today on Jan. 19th. According to data from Coinmarket Cap and TradingView ETH/USD has beat its previous all-time high during Tuesday trading, passing $1,428. This means that Ethereum is now getting ready to enter into price discovery mode similar to… Read More

Ethereum Becomes Top 100 of World’s Largest Assets

Ethereum’s rapid price increase over the last few weeks has pushed it into the top 100 assets in the world. Ethereum (ETH) has joined Bitcoin (BTC) in the top 100 of the biggest assets by market capitalization. It’s currently ranked 97, according to analytics platform CompaniesMarketCap. The platform tracks the market capitalization of various assets… Read More

Institutional BIG Money Bets on Bitcoin And Ethereum For 2021 And Beyond

CME Group will begin the process to list an Ethereum (ETH) futures product next year, the firm said in a post on its website on Wednesday. Meanwhile, a hedge fund has pledged to invest the largest amount thus far into cryptocurrency at $1 billion dollars. The Ethereum based futures product is coming to the market… Read More

Bitcoin Burst Through $20K Conclusively Setting All Time High As Bullish News Continues

Bitcoin has bursted through $20K as we officially enter into a new bull run and price discovery mode has been activated. Bitboy Crypto has been telling you for months that Bitcoin’s infamous 4-year cycle was getting ready to enter the bull market phase. Listen to Ben from Bitboy Crypto discuss the recent market moves in… Read More

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