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IOST x RampDeFi Update | rStake Live on 9 Dec 2020!

IOST’s latest node RampDeFi is launching- rStake, the first ecosystem product of RAMP’s core liquidity unlocking solution on IOST on 9 December 2020. The on-going phase 2 focuses on the minting of native stablecoins on the various blockchains, which will then be bridged over to Ethereum as rUSD for exchange into USDT or USDC. RampDeFi… Read More

Paypal To Explore CBDCs As well As Cryptocurrencies For Its Customers

PayPal will explore adding central bank digital currencies, in addition to enabling users the ability to buy and sell —Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. Senior executives at global payments giant PayPal have revealed additional details about its plans to integrate cryptocurrencies next year during a Q3 2020 earnings call, including plans to support central… Read More

Chainstack Announces New Partnership to Deploy Smart Contract Solution

Chainstack recently announced that is has integrated DAML into its platform. DAML is a smart contract feature developed by Digital Asset, and it will be added to the Chainstack ecosystem. The collaboration is expected to strengthen Chainstack’s security as well as give it more room and power for businesses and developers to implement DAML applications on… Read More

DeFi: New Ideas for the Financial Market

Markets have been shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest in 2020. This has resulted in a drop in consumer trust and economic activity around the world. DeFi could be the answer to many of our current struggles. There are some economic sectors that have been able to prevent losses or improve their situation… Read More

Is Ethereum on the Cusp of Overtaking Bitcoin?

Over the past decade, when the cryptocurrency market diversified, different financial philosophies took place in the form of individual cryptocurrencies. Ethereum has become a challenger to Bitcoin. Ethereum split from many of the ideals that made Bitcoin popular, and it has been very successful. Over the past few years, Ethereum, the world’s largest alternative currency,… Read More

Ethereum based dApps Challenged by New Contenders

Ethereum based decentralized applications are the prime candidate for smart contract implementation. In particular, Ethereum has dominated the dApp market with the highest ranks in terms of actual users who are actively engaged with dApps Over the past few years, the Ethereum network has grown into a fairly robust platform that can facilitate the ever-evolving… Read More

Binance to Launch Smart Contracts on New Blockchain

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance published a new whitepaper that details the development of Binance Smart Chain, which is a new blockchain running in parallel to Binance Chain which will support smart contract functionalities. The new network is described as an innovative solution which brings both the interoperability and programmability of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)… Read More

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