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Ethereum 2.0 Coming Sooner Than Expected? Developers Discuss Exploring Ways To Expedite Beacon Chain Merge

Ethereum 2.0 developers are aiming to change the consensus protocol of Ethereum from proof of work to proof of stake as soon as possible, according to a lead developer’s tweets and an Ethereum developer call. It's been a while, but PR is opened. Everybody is welcome to collaborate! Let's work that through to get Ethereum… Read More

VISA Partners With Ethereum Stablecoin USDC To Allow Millions Of Merchants To Accept

Payment giant VISA has partnered with Ethereum-based USDC stablecoin, announcing they will be connecting their global payments network of over 60 million merchants to the U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC) issued on Ethereum and developed by Circle Internet Financial, as we shift towards a world of digital cash. “This will be the first, corporate card that… Read More

ETH 2 Deposit Contract Released Date Set For Phase 0 Launch Of December 1st

Vitalik Buterin announced and released the deposit contract of Eth 2.0 on Twitter. This is the first substantial implementation of the upgrade and comes with a countdown set for December 1, 2020, when developers will launch phase 0. Ethereum’s price spiked to $408 within hours of Vitalik’s ETH 2.0 announcement, according to Coingecko. The deposit… Read More

Analysts Are Bullish On Ethereum As Its Set To Be The First Blockchain To Settle $1 Trillion

Ethereum has been hampered after hitting its pivotal highs of $420 earlier this week. ETH is now trading at $404.05, failing to break higher even as Bitcoin is trading above $13,000K. Despite the mixed price action, analysts think ETH remains bullish at least for now. One crypto-asset analyst shared the Ethereum chart below on October… Read More

Ethereum Under Fire for DeFi Hype – Criticism Probably Not Justified

Interest in DeFi has soared and in the blockchain industry many companies are developing new ways to use the technology. While Ethereum is used in many DeFi projects, some people think that the platform isn’t up to the challenge. In a recent conversation with media, MartinFroehler , founder of crypto trading platform Morpher, is afraid… Read More

Chainlink Node Moves Data to Unstoppable Domains on Ethereum blockchain

An “unstoppable” domain is being adopted to oracle crypto price feeds by a Chainlink (Link) node provider. Unstoppable Domains has created a way to host web content on the blockchain, which makes it more secure. Vulcan Link has placed Chainlink’s crypto price feeds on a “.crypto” domain. The domains are sold by Unstoppable Domains and… Read More

Ethereum 2.0 Multi-Client Testnet Close to Launch

According to recent online communication, Afri Schoedon will be in charge of a full-on Ethereum 2.0 multi-client testnet until around mid-summer. After showing a video on Twitter, he states: “this is the Schlesi v0.11 ETH2 multi-client test net genesis event.” In fact, Lighthouse has not been shown to the public in any meaningful way. Despite… Read More

Prysmatic Labs to Launch New Test Network Over Weekend

The Ethereum 2.0 client implementation team, Prysmatic Labs, plans to launch its new testnet version this weekend. The team has suggested that three projects, including Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond, should be developed further. Topaz, which is the latest release and amplifies the previous iterations, will consist of the full configuration of the ETH 2.0 Phase-0… Read More

Ethereum 2.0 Development Firm CasperLabs Launches Blockchain

CasperLabs, which is helping to develop Ethereum’s of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system, has partnered with the crypto exchange BitMax to launch its PoS blockchain. The Singapore-based crypto exchange BitMax is helping with CasperLabs’ Exchange Validator Offering (EVO) and it will operate a full node of the network at its launch to facilitate staking for retail sale… Read More

Ethereum 1.x Will be Upgraded to Focus on ‘Stateless Clients’

Ethereum 2.0 is coming soon according to sources that are close to the project. But it looks like a group of Ethereum developersis are focusing on the existing chain, Ethereum 1.x, to maintain its operability during the transition. Ethereum 1.x is the project which aims to maintain Ethereum’s (ETH) usability while the Serenity upgrade is… Read More

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