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Miners Threaten Hash War Over EIP-1559, Vitalik Buterin Says L2 Optimism Ready To Scale ETH 100x

Miners are aiming to protest the EIP-1559 proposal that will cut their revenues due to the current flawed mechanics of gas fees bidding. Meanwhile, Vitalik Buterin the Co-Founder of Ethereum has stated that ETH is ready to scale imminently within the next couple of weeks with Optimism an L2 cross-roll up solution A group of… Read More

Ethereum Canadian ETF To Be Listed On Toronto Stock Exchange QETH.U

Ethereum will soon be available for Canadians to purchase in the form of an ETF or Exchange-traded fund. The fund is being launched by Canadian digital asset investment manager 3iQ as the world’s first IPO for an Ethereum ETF. The fund will be called, The Ether Fund, traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under… Read More

Ethereum Meets Threshold For Launching Genesis Day Of ETH 2.0 Dec 1st

Ethereum’s first move to update to ETH 2.0 is now set for December 1st, an event that is being heralded as “genesis day” for the Ethereum network’s future. The Ethereum network will begin its first phase on Dec. 1st, pushing forward a major milestone according to ETH 2.0 Researcher Justin Drake, who tweeted that Ethereum… Read More

Waves Partners With IOST For Cross-Chain Interoperability Using Gravity Network

As Gravity expands the list of its target chains, IOST is joining the likes of Waves, Ethereum, and Tron. IOST are excited to announce that IOST is joining Gravity network, a cross-chain oracle, and communication network, as a target chain. IOST will become one of the platforms connected to Gravity, along with Waves, Ethereum, and… Read More

Analysts Are Bullish On Ethereum As Its Set To Be The First Blockchain To Settle $1 Trillion

Ethereum has been hampered after hitting its pivotal highs of $420 earlier this week. ETH is now trading at $404.05, failing to break higher even as Bitcoin is trading above $13,000K. Despite the mixed price action, analysts think ETH remains bullish at least for now. One crypto-asset analyst shared the Ethereum chart below on October… Read More

Crypto.com Adds $FARM, UNI, and WBTC Support

Crypto.com has announced that its users now can trade $FARM, as well as buying UNI and WBTC at true cost on the platform. The crypto platform is constantly expanding its services as multiple cryptocurrencies are added to the supported list weekly. To take advantage of the wide catalog of coins supported by crypto.com, make sure… Read More

Voyager Digital Expands its Crypto Interest Program

Voyager Digital has announced the expansion of its Crypto Interest Program, making it one of the best crypto agency destination for trading and earning interest. Voyager’s platform offers support for more than 30 cryptocurrencies, no commissions, and the option to connect your bank account to trade with USD. To take advantage of all the benefits… Read More

ETH and BAT Recurring Buys are Available on Crypto.com’s App and Soft Staking

The Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency payment platform Crypto.com has announced the additions of ETH and BAT to its App and Soft Staking features. The company is constantly creating new features and tools based on the market needs and users’ suggestions, making it a great option to take your trade to a whole new level. Make sure… Read More

Ethereum Found its Place in the Crypto World and Seems Unstoppable

Ethereum is pumping – it experienced an increase in value to $275 from $250 in just a matter of days with many people believing the rise is only getting started. To learn about some of the reasons behind this trend as well as Bitboy’s predictions for the Ethereum blockchain, DeFi, and Altcoins in general, make… Read More

Bybit Introduces Fiat Gateway to Support Over 20 Fiat Currencies

According to a recent post from the exchange called Buy Crypto with Ease, Bybit has announced the launch of its new service Fiat Gateway which allows traders to buy cryptocurrency with fiat currency on its platform. The crypto exchange now allows its users to exchange more than 20 fiat currencies for cryptocurrency. The new service… Read More

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