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Dan Larimer Leaves EOS And The Crypto Plunges 30%

Dan Larimer has left his third project in under 10 years, recently announcing that he is leaving EOS’s block.one as their Chief Technology Officer resulting in the cryptocurrency plunging 30%. Larimer announced his departure from EOS on Block.one’s social network Voice. Larimer the CTO of EOSIO developers block.one and founder of early crypto exchange Bitshares… Read More

IOST and Greencore Partnership will Develop Layer-2 Scalability and Privacy Protection for User

The IOST foundation has announced its partnership with GreenCore, a Singapore-based company known as a New-Energy Ecosystem Reconstructed by Blockchain. IOST is constantly expanding its platform, increasing the number of nodes to improve its speed and reliability, and creating new partnerships to collaborate. Click here to vote for BitBoy Crypto’s node in IOST. A Partnership… Read More

Binance Joins EOS DeFi System as a Supervisor for Smart Contract Upgrades

EOS DeFi project has gotten the help of Binance, Eosfinex, and others to oversee the process of using the blockchain’s smart contract upgrade features. These groups should add value to the entire EOS ecosystem. EOS-based decentralized finance, or DeFi, project similar to MakerDAO (MKR), named Equilibrium, is set to add four-block producers to its governance… Read More

Binance US Announces Which Cryptocurrency Projects Its Exploring

Binance US Looking Into Solid Projects While we still do not know when the platform will launch, Binance US is already getting busy. Today, Binance announced via their blog exactly which crypto projects they will be exploring as potential trading assets. Here are the projects Binance US plans to explore: ADA ATOM BAT BCHABC BNB… Read More

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