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Secret Bitcoin Cycle REVEALED (Outsmart the Government)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> My fellow Americans, today I am here to inform the American people, that investing in Bitcoin and other crypto assets is a game of speculation. It’s a statistical escapade of attempting to identify patterns, trends and tendencies. Once you develop an “edge”, you use these patterns to your and make life-changing gains…. Read More

Bitcoin Bull Storms Through 14K Amid News U.S. Is Seeking Forfeiture of Seized 1 Million BTC Connected To Silk Road

Bitcoin has blasted through 14K briefly touching 15K, amid news that the U.S. Department Of Justice, (DOJ) is suing for the forfeiture of thousands of Bitcoins, totaling more than $1 billion, that it recently seized. The coins linked to the darknet market Silk Road is the largest the U.S. has ever conducted, the DOJ said…. Read More

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