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Welcome to the Global Venezuelan Inflation Hell

There is a lot of money – and it will make most people poor. We think of money as wealth – but it isn’t. Money is a means of accounting and nothing more. You can ask John Law about it – and ask him how the Mississippi bubble ended. Some think that the French Revolution… Read More

Diginex CEO Says Technological Progress is Deflationary – But Inflation Might Be Coming

Diginex CEO Richard Byworth says that technical advances might not save people money as expected, due to the inflationary ideas of central banks and governments. In a recent conversation with media, Byworth stated that “Technology is just so deflationary on many of our goods and services.” Diginex business’s core strategy is to develop a platform… Read More

Pandemic Creates Enormous Food Shortages – Welcome to Global Venezuela

The political response to COVID-19 is starting to be felt in the global food supply chain. While most of the acute effects from the economic collapse have hit poorer nations – there is evidence that many communities in the US will soon suffer from food insecurity. Many people aren’t going back anytime soon and this has… Read More

Central Planners Fall Flat – The Fires Will Burn While Mobs Rage!

Things aren’t looking so hot for the 1% at the top. We know – it looks a lot worse for the people who are struggling for food and such – and clearly, it isn’t looking so hot for them either. The big difference is how far they have to fall – and what kind of… Read More

China’s Digital Yuan isn’t a Great Idea – Watch it Implode on the World Stage

China is pushing the envelope with its Digital Yuan (DY) program – especially if it plans to launch the currency globally. Some commentators have proposed that the DY program could challenge the reserve currency status of the US dollar – which is laughable. No, no Chinese currency – digital or otherwise – will supplant the… Read More

Blockchain Health Passports Demonstrate Dangers of Centralized Authority

A recent blockchain-powered app that allows the storage of medical records for verification, especially COVID-19 tests, is clearly not what the creators of Bitcoin had in mind when they developed blockchain technology. The AOKpass appears to be the thin end of the wedge for a much higher level of centralized authority. Developed by Perin, the purpose… Read More

Central Banks are Buying More Than $1bln in Assets Hourly – Hello Fiat Firestorm!

Global central banks are in to some new ideas in a big way. While the global crisis of 2008 saw central banks up their asset purchases over a number of years – the mega crisis of 2020 is being used as an excuse to buy more than $30bln in assets on a daily basis. Since… Read More

A Stateless (Not Lawless) World May be Our Best Option in the Future

A world without nation states seems like something from a sci-fi movie (or remote history) – but a stateless world could be the next move in human evolution. In fact, statelessness has some major advantages, especially in a world where data is simple to move globally. The nation state is easy to understand from a… Read More

Braindead Central Planners Will be Great for Crypto Prices!

Central planning is terrible for most people. The fate of millions in the former USSR was sealed by central planners who had no idea how stupid their views on how to run a society were. By the end of what was a horrible chapter in human history – dictators were being killed by angry mobs,… Read More

Crypto Funds Enter the Market – More Options are Sure to Come

There aren’t many crypto funds in the marketplace, but that is probably going to change as decentralized currency becomes even more popular. Many people don’t know there are more tokens than Bitcoin, let alone how to buy and invest in all the cryptos that are out there. Bitcoin Capital is one of the newest entrants… Read More

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