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Cartesi Labs: Building a More Accessible Future for Smart Contract Development

We’re supporting the growth of the brightest minds in software development and decentralized systems Having recently announced our partnership with IMPA, a world-renowned mathematics institute that will be working with us under a research grant and utilising some of the world’s smartest minds to explore the future of decentralized computing, we are exceedingly happy to… Read More

April, 2021 Development Recap — Descartes v1.1 Released

Development Updates During the last month, the Cartesi team worked vigilantly towards several important milestones, including releasing Cartesi’s Descartes SDK: Version 1.1. For a recap on both the Noether and Descartes SDK v1.1 releases, check out our latest video here. Additional development fronts the team worked on are: Cartesi Rollups: Concluded coding and redesign of… Read More

IOST iWallet to Support local development Soon

Recently, developers in the IOST community took the initiative to help the IOST team with the connection development and debugging function of the local node of iWallet. Thanks to this action, iWallet will soon support local development, which is very useful for the development of smart contracts and is convenient for developers to debug. At… Read More

AMA Recap丨Former Google & Microsoft Engineer Shared Story Behind Watermelon (Xigua Finance)

Disclaimer: Translations of any materials into other languages are intended solely as a convenience to the public. We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material , but due to the nuances in translating to another language, slight differences may exist. Xigua Finance is a third-party platform built on IOST network. The… Read More

IOST Reveals its Roadmap for the Second Half of 2020

IOST has now announced the new roadmap for the second half of 2020 as the platform completes every milestone set for the first half of the year. IOST is constantly expanding its platform, increasing the number of nodes to improve its speed and reliability, and creating new partnerships to collaborate. Click here to vote for… Read More

Cosmos to Use 3 Coding Languages in Attempt to Overthrow Ethereum

New Generation of Decentralized Platforms are Here As new blockchains have been introduced over the last year, it seems as if Ethereum’s coding language Solidity could be its downfall. One of Ethereum’s biggest competitors, TRON, decided to build its platform using the same language which helped to exacerbate the “whitepaper plagiarism” scandal. No matter how… Read More

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