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Cartesi’s January 2022 Development Recap

The latest in Rollups, Texas HODL’em & the Cartesi Machine. Development Updates We’re wishing everyone a wonderful start to 2022! It’s certainly been busy for the Cartesi team in the first weeks of this new year. Take a look at the newest developments below: Cartesi Rollups: Release of the first alpha version for our Rollups… Read More

Cartesi’s December 2021 Development Recap

What’s new with Rollups, Staking and Texas HODL’em? Development Updates Happy holiday season to our communities across the globe! During the last month, the Cartesi team made continued progress on several of our initiatives. Excited to see how your favorite project is progressing? Check out the major developments in December: Cartesi Rollups: Dockerization of Rollups… Read More

Cartesi’s November 2021 Development Recap

See the latest updates for Rollups, Staking, and Texas HODL’em Poker Development Updates During an exciting and hectic month, the Cartesi team remained hard at work, with continued progress on several of our initiatives. Keen to see what’s going on with your favorite Cartesi project? Take a look at the major developments so far: Cartesi… Read More

Cartesi’s June 2021 Development Recap

Development Updates During the last month, the Cartesi team continued testing and completing work on the upcoming Q2 Milestones. Major developments were: Cartesi Rollups: Continued implementation and testing of Cartesi Rollups. Our Rollups are maintained by a set of Cartesi Nodes and this month we are putting together the final pieces of this infrastructure. The… Read More

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