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US Federal Deficit Explodes – USG on-track to Spend $3tln Over Receipts in 2020

Do numbers matter anymore? Based on what the US government and Federal Reserve are doing – one is inclined to say – no. 2020 has been a wild ride, and the political reaction to COVID-19 has created record federal deficits in the USA. Earlier this year there was a monthly deficit spend of over $800bln,… Read More

The Crypto Phase Change is Coming – Alternative Assets Will Shine

When writing about cryptos and precious metals (PMs) the phrase ‘alternative assets’ is used a lot. We should know – we use it all the time. It might seem strange to think about why one assets is an alternative to another one… Aren’t all assets just assets? No – and we need to talk about… Read More

Banking System Woes Push Latin Americans to Use Cryptocurrency

The influence of cryptocurrency has been limited in many places in Latin America. The impact of COVID-19 have changed this – and many are turning to cryptos as a means of savings and payment. Blockchain research from Chainalysis showed that a number of Latin American businesses are embracing cryptocurrency for purchases. The instability of fiat… Read More

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