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CTSI is now listed on Vauld!

Why we’re excited and what benefits this brings to the CTSI community. We’re pleased to announce a new CTSI listing on Vauld, a decentralized crypto platform aiming to provide crypto users with the core elements of traditional banking. From storing your cryptocurrencies or fiat money in a safe and secure environment, a clean and efficient… Read More

Thank you community! CTSI is Now Listed on Bancor.

With an overwhelming 99.96% Yes votes, CTSI is now further expanded. We’re happy to share that the community has voted in favor of listing CTSI on Bancor’s decentralized exchange. We are overjoyed to see an incredible majority of 99.96% people who voted in support of this new listing, to introduce more people to our project… Read More

Cartesi’s January 2022 Development Recap

The latest in Rollups, Texas HODL’em & the Cartesi Machine. Development Updates We’re wishing everyone a wonderful start to 2022! It’s certainly been busy for the Cartesi team in the first weeks of this new year. Take a look at the newest developments below: Cartesi Rollups: Release of the first alpha version for our Rollups… Read More

Scaling Content: How to truly tackle blockchain’s scalability problem

Bringing modern development ecosystems to smart contracts. Ethereum and similar blockchains are facing a scalability crisis. Scaling Ethereum is crucial for the network’s usefulness and adoption, and current transaction fees are certainly not constructive to that end: making anything except the simplest of DApps is impossible. This infamous problem has proven to be very hard… Read More

Cartesi DApps are here

5 steps to develop applications on the blockchain OS Introduction Let’s just face it: blockchain development is still hard and limited at its current stage. And while it is true that the blockchain community has committed enormous amounts of energy and effort to tackle some of these issues, a number of them have remained pretty… Read More

Cartesi is taking IoT to the next level with IoTeX

Learn more about our partnership and an upcoming Ideathon for Dutch Blockchain Week. We’re super excited to partner with IoTeX, the multiple award-winning blockchain for the Internet of Things (IoT). There are so many reasons why we think this partnership is one made in heaven that it’s impossible to list them all but you will… Read More

Developers can start coding for Cartesi Rollups end of December

With a fundamentally different approach to rollups. Cartesi Rollups is not only about transaction scaling and fee reduction. Through continuous research and development, and the help of a growing number of partners and supporters, we want to allow “impossible” (or previously inconceivable) DApps to become reality. Progressive insights We are thrilled to share that our… Read More

Innovative Crypto Makes GAINS Easy (This Token Is A Full House)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> The three most commonly asked questions I get asked by members of the BitSquad are: Ben, will you manage my portfolio? Ben, will you spend the rest of your life with me? And Ben, what ‘s the single most undervalued coin in crypto today? The answers are simple: No. No way. And… Read More

CTSI has now been Integrated with iMe, a Telegram-based Messenger App!

Over 2.5 million iMe users can easily send or receive CTSI with their Telegram contacts We are excited to announce that the iMe App has now integrated CTSI! Over 2.5 million iMe users can now easily send, receive or swap CTSI directly in their app as messages. The iMe app is a non-custodial wallet and… Read More

Cartesi’s November 2021 Development Recap

See the latest updates for Rollups, Staking, and Texas HODL’em Poker Development Updates During an exciting and hectic month, the Cartesi team remained hard at work, with continued progress on several of our initiatives. Keen to see what’s going on with your favorite Cartesi project? Take a look at the major developments so far: Cartesi… Read More

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