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There Is Now A Visa Card That Offers “Bitcoin Rewards”

It’s incredible the “adoption” that Bitcoin continues to see only when it’s price is moving higher. All of a sudden, the deals, the stock names tied to Bitcoin and the gimmicks that we haven’t heard from in months come back full force gale as the cryptocurrency pushes up against its all time highs. Like Visa, who… Read More

UK Fintech Firm Ziglu Introduces P2P Payment Services

A fresh face in the cryptocurrency industry – Ziglu – just rolled out its peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platform. The new service targets both fiat money and cryptocurrency, according to a recent announcement. This news came after Ziglu got a UK Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Electronic Money Institution licence, and a Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD)… Read More

What Does Decentralization Mean to the Economic Overlords?

The meaning of a word can be changed to suit the needs of its user – which seems to be what the World Economic Forum (WEF) has done to the word ‘decentralized’. According to a recent missive from the economic overlords the meaning of the word decentralized is – “Traditionally, decentralization is defined as the transfer of… Read More

Finding Freedom – Doug Casey Says it isn’t Possible

Stateisim isn’t a word you will hear much in the political arena – and for good reason. The state has been sucking up more power, and many modern ideas rely on a strong national government to exist. This isn’t great from the standpoint of freedom, and according to legendary investor Doug Casey, there isn’t much… Read More

DeFi is Blasting Higher – is the Market for New Ideas Overbought?

Investors must be making some serious money in the DeFi space. According to some estimates more than $7 billion is locked up in the most popular DeFi platforms, which is an increase of 1,000% since the beginning of the year. It should come as no surprise that the value of DeFi tokens are also blasting… Read More

Braindead Central Planners Will be Great for Crypto Prices!

Central planning is terrible for most people. The fate of millions in the former USSR was sealed by central planners who had no idea how stupid their views on how to run a society were. By the end of what was a horrible chapter in human history – dictators were being killed by angry mobs,… Read More

COMEX Turns into Gold Vacuum – Why the Wall St. Gold Rush?

Investors tend to look at price first – but the volume of market moves can be a much more important factor – especially when it comes to the physical delivery of a commodity. Wall St. is buying up physical gold and silver at a frightening pace. While the US has been a precious metals trading… Read More

The IRS Goes Hard in the Paint on Crypto Users – Good Luck!

It looks like the US government is paying attention to cryptos! According to recent drafts, the famed IRS 1040 form will ask anyone who is filling it out if they used cryptos – in anyway – during 2020. This change to one of the most commonly used US tax forms isn’t happening in a vacuum…. Read More

Cryptos Look Pretty Sweet Amid the Great Reset

Let’s be totally honest here – the modern political class is totally inept, and anyone who trusts them with so much as a paperclip is making a very foolish choice. The current political reaction to COVID-19 is the perfect example. The whole world is shut down for a virus that is perhaps as deadly as… Read More

Will Belarus Use Cryptos to Sidestep Sanctions?

As a result of a botched election, it looks like Belarus is becoming the next geopolitical hotspot. The current President isn’t stepping down – which means sanctions from the EU and possibly the USA are on the way. Belarus has close connections to Russia, and if we continue to see a push to destabilize the… Read More

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