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There Is Now A Visa Card That Offers “Bitcoin Rewards”

It’s incredible the “adoption” that Bitcoin continues to see only when it’s price is moving higher. All of a sudden, the deals, the stock names tied to Bitcoin and the gimmicks that we haven’t heard from in months come back full force gale as the cryptocurrency pushes up against its all time highs. Like Visa, who… Read More

Will Belarus Use Cryptos to Sidestep Sanctions?

As a result of a botched election, it looks like Belarus is becoming the next geopolitical hotspot. The current President isn’t stepping down – which means sanctions from the EU and possibly the USA are on the way. Belarus has close connections to Russia, and if we continue to see a push to destabilize the… Read More

Apparently China is Still Anti-Crypto…Sort of…

The last few weeks have seen loads of China-based content in the crypto sphere, with Xi Jinping’s recent pro-blockchain stance being amplified into a de-facto endorsement of tokens. Unfortunately, the big party might be premature, as Xi recently told the world that not only are cryptos still unloved by the Chinese government, he sees them… Read More

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