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U.S. DOJ Launches National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco has announced the DOJ’s (Department Of Justice) launch of the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team. The new task force’s purpose will be to “strengthen” the DOJ’s ability to impair digital financial markets that allow cybercriminals to “flourish.” DOJ Launches National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team According to a report published by Reuters,… Read More

Can Crypto Turn $100 into $1 Million?

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> Making Money in financial markets is a lot like poker, because you gotta make the best of the cards you’re dealt, and if you know the game well enough you can still win even if you start out with a weak hand. But the crypto markets are about as high stakes as… Read More

U.S. Senators Propose Bill To Monitor Foreign Countries Use And Mining Of Digital Assets

Two U.S. senators have proposed a bipartisan bill calling on the Treasury Department and other agencies to investigate what other countries are mining in crypto and what digital assets they are using then to share their report with Congress. Senators Propose Bill To Monitor Other Countries Use And Mining Of Digital Assets Senators Maggie Hassan… Read More

SEC Gensler FUDs Crypto “History Tells Us That Private Forms Of Money Don’t Last Long”

U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) chair Gary Gensler spoke with the Washington Post about cryptocurrency regulations and how he personally sees the industry moving forward, i.e. regulated out of existence, with stablecoins and Proof Of Stake (PoS) digital assets labeled as securities. At one point during the interview with WAPO Gensler even suggested that… Read More

Regulation: SEC Chair Gary Gensler Attacks Coinbase Says Very Few Cryptos Aren’t Securities

During today’s Senate Banking Committee hearing, SEC Chair Gary Gensler took shots at Coinbase and stablecoins as several senators attacked him for his over regulatory approach to crypto. Is The SEC Everyone’s Daddy? Concern Over Transparency On Crypto Regulation Gensler revealed his aggressive plans to rein in everything from cryptocurrencies to the meme-stock frenzy spurred… Read More

Walmart Is Seeking A Cryptocurrency Product Lead Following In Amazon’s Footsteps According To Job Ad

America’s largest grocer and retailer — Walmart — is seeking a cryptocurrency product lead, according to a job ad posted on popular career social site LinkedIn and on its own website as well. The company is “seeking a visionary leader” to fill its digital currency and cryptocurrency product lead vacancy. The job applicant would work… Read More

Largest Hack In Crypto History $611 Million Stolen From Poly Network

Cross-chain protocol Poly Network has been exploited on all of its chains for a total of $611 million, the largest known hack in crypto history thus far. UPDATE: 2:00 P.M. EST — Blockchain security firm SlowMist has said that they have tracked down the attacker’s real life ID. The firm claims to know their email… Read More

U.S. Senators Mike Lee And Bill Hagerty Stand Up For Crypto In Historic Speeches About Stifling Innovation With Regulation

U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and Bill Hagerty (R-TN) have raised concerns that the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill will stifle innovation. Both Senators explained that regulating cryptocurrencies in a hasty fashion would drive innovation offshore. U.S. Senator Mike Lee stated that crypto was “an industry that’s rapidly developing within the United States.” He expressed the… Read More

Gary Gensler SEC Chairman Calls Crypto “Wild West” Says Regulations Are Coming For DEFI and Stablecoins

During the Aspen Security Forum conference, U.S. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler begged Congress to give the Security and Exchange Commission more authority to oversee the crypto market, echoing previous calls by the IRS for the same. Gensler also stated that cryptocurrency feels like the “wild west” right now, adding, that “regulations are coming” singling out… Read More

U.S. Senate Advances Crypto Tax To Build Transportation And Electricity Infrastructure

U.S. lawmakers are looking to tax American citizen’s crypto holdings to help fund infrastructure projects. But the text of the new bill that has been voted to advance to the House, would enforce stringent almost impossible KYC standards in the crypto space in order to do so. UPDATE – 8/02/21: According to Jake Chervinsky legal… Read More

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