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U.S. Senate Advances Crypto Tax To Build Transportation And Electricity Infrastructure

U.S. lawmakers are looking to tax American citizen’s crypto holdings to help fund infrastructure projects. But the text of the new bill that has been voted to advance to the House, would enforce stringent almost impossible KYC standards in the crypto space in order to do so. UPDATE – 8/02/21: According to Jake Chervinsky legal… Read More

Senator Elizabeth Warren (Queen FUD) Doubles Down Against Crypto

Senator Elizabeth Warren, or as this author will now refer to her as Queen FUD, went onto CNBC to discuss cryptocurrency regulation, one day after calling the industry a bunch of “shadowy super coders” and two days after writing a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen calling for oversight of the industry. Warren argued that… Read More

U.S. Government Meets On THREE Different Congressional Hearings About Cryptocurrencies – Regulation, Ransomware and CBDCs

The U.S. Senate Banking Committee held a hearing on July 27th entitled: “Cryptocurrencies: What are they good for?,” in which senators discussed digital assets their benefits, and useful applicable use cases. At the same time, there was also a hearing on ransomware by the Senate Judiciary Committee where crypto was examined and a meeting with… Read More

Source Tells London Business Newspaper Amazon Definitely Entering Crypto

An anonymous source within Amazon has confirmed rumors of the e-commerce giant entering the cryptocurrency industry to London business newspaper City A.M. UPDATE: Amazon has denied the story by City A.M. stating it has no plans to accept Bitcoin or any cryptocurrencies. In addition the e-commerce giant added, that it has no plans to develop… Read More

Biden Administration Forms Anti-Ransomware Task Force Contemplates $10 Million Bounty For Catching Hackers

The U.S. Biden administration has launched an anti-ransomware task force geared toward dealing with blackmail by hackers against corporations, proposing a bounty of $10 million dollars if the information given to investigators leads to the capture of culprits responsible. The new task force will focus on combating cyberattacks and tracing crypto that is paid as… Read More

82% Of Institutional Investors Plan To Increase Cryptocurrency Exposure, According To Survey

A poll taken by Nickel Digital Asset Management revealed that 82% of private institutional investors and asset managers are planning to increase their exposure to digital assets for the next three years. According to the survey, investors and asset managers were asked from the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and the UAE who currently have exposure… Read More

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak: “Bitcoin Is A Mathematical Miracle, Better Than Gold and Phony Fiat, Like Owning A House”

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes in the future of Bitcoin describing it as a “mathematical miracle, better than gold.” Wozniak called Bitcoin a mathematical phenomenon and added that it’s better than gold. Woz made the comments during a recent presentation at an event in Talent Land Jalisco, Mexico entitled: “Talent Land Jalisco 2021.” The presentation… Read More

TikTok Short Video Platform Bans Its Users From Promoting Cryptocurrencies And Financial Services

Tiktok has banned its users from promoting all financial products and services including crypto digital assets. Popular social media platform Tiktok has banned user content promoting cryptocurrencies as well as all financial products and services. The company’s “Branded Content Policy” now states the following in its terms. “All financial services and products are prohibited, including… Read More

EU Proposing Law On Digital Assets, Would Kill Stablecoins And Interest, Make It Harder For Smaller Investors To Enter Digital Assets Market

The European Commission has proposed a bill entitled: “Regulation on Markets in Crypto Assets” (MiCA) and its first draft is quickly moving through the European Council and the European Parliament. A lawyer has warned that if the bill passes it could make it more difficult for smaller investors to enter the EU’s crypto market, as… Read More

FinCEN Hires First Chief Digital Currency Advisor Focuses On “Misuse Of Cryptocurrency”, As SEC Says Goal Is to Protect Investors

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network or FinCEN has announced that it has appointed Michele Korver as its first-ever Chief Digital Currency Advisor. Korver previously worked for the Department Of Justice (DOJ) serving as a digital currency adviser for the agency’s criminal division. She also advised the Treasury Department’s Financial Stability Oversight Council as well as and… Read More

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