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Buy as Little as USD $1 of any crypto

We are pleased to announce that the minimum purchase amount for all supported cryptocurrencies in the Crypto.com App has been lowered to just USD $1. Grow your portfolio on your terms. Buy 100+ top coins at true cost now! Original article published on Crypto.com’s blog.

Ethereum Nodes Break Services After Berlin Upgrade

Ethereum’s latest network upgrade, Berlin, has finally gone live on Thursday. However, it wasn’t without issue causing various problems due to out-of-sync nodes for companies and services that rely on the Ethereum software client, OpenEthereum. OpenEthereum has a consensus error at block 12244294. We are diagnosing the root cause and will keep you posted. https://t.co/iNux7pHe9X… Read More

U.S. Lawmakers Seeking Regulatory Clarity On Cryptocurrency Propose Bill

Lawmakers have proposed new legislation to attempt to clarify crypto regulations in the U.S. and help determine the age-old question of what qualifies whether or not a digital asset is a security. Representatives Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.), Glenn Thompson (R-Pa.), Ted Budd (R-N.C.) and Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) introduced the legislation  entitled the “Eliminate… Read More

61 Percent Of Goldman Sachs Clients Are Bullish, 40% Have Exposure To Cryptocurrency Market

61 percent of Goldman Sachs’s clients are bullish on cryptocurrencies, while 40% have exposure to the cryptocurrency market. The investment banking giant published its internal client survey results finding that 61% of those polled expect their digital asset holdings to increase in the next 12-24 months. While 40% of respondents already have exposure to cryptocurrencies…. Read More

BitMEX Ponders Adding Spot Trading And Custody Services Amid Surrender By Arthur Hayes To U.S. Authorities

Following former BITMEX CEO, Arthur Hayes reported surrender to U.S. authorities, BITMEX has announced that it may offer spot trading and custody services for clients in the future. Former BitMEX CEO, Arthur Hayes is expected to surrender to U.S. authorities soon according to prosecutors who told a New York judge during a February hearing there… Read More

PayPal Plots Next BIG Move Into Cryptocurrency Talks Acquiring Custody Firm Curv

PayPal plots its next move into cryptocurrency, purchasing Curv after attempting to acquire BitGo in 2020 and failing after the deal fell apart. PayPal Holdings Inc. is in talks to acquire the startup Curv, which helps companies transfer and store digital currencies. PayPal is reportedly buying Curv, an Israeli crypto custody firm, for $200 million… Read More

Kevin O’Leary Reverses Prior View On Bitcoin, Says Crypto Is Here to Stay, Invests 3%

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, also known as Mr. Wonderful, seems to have reversed his opinion on Bitcoin and has begun investing in the digital asset. Leary previously called the cryptocurrency “garbage” and has since changed his view, stating he believes that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. He is also added that he is getting used… Read More

Robinhood To Offer Users The Ability To Deposit And Withdrawal Cryptocurrencies Following Congressional Hearing

Following recent controversy where Robinhood paused trading on a number of  stocks including GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment, the app used by numerous young investors has announced that it will soon allow its users to deposit and withdrawal cryptocurrencies in an apparent attempt to salvage its reputation and clear its name. Currently, users of the… Read More

Mastercard Announces That It Will Add Stablecoins

MasterCard will allow its nearly one billion users to spend cryptocurrencies at more than 30 million merchants, starting with stablecoins, the payment giant announced. The payment giant believes the move may open merchants up to new customers and build loyalty with existing customers who are already migrating to using digital assets for payments over traditional… Read More

Bridgewater Ray Dalio Is Exploring An Alt-cash Fund Due To Devaluation Calls Bitcoin A Hell Of An Invention

Bridgewater Associates is taking a closer look at Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets, according to its founder Ray Dalio a well known Wall St veteran investor who is a famous economist and founder of the world’s largest hedge fund. “I am writing this to clarify what I think of Bitcoin,” Dalio wrote in the column… Read More

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