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Trump’s Campaign Website Hacked Displays Cryptocurrency Scam

The U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign website for re-election was briefly hacked, displaying a Monero cryptocurrency scam. The hacked page below was displayed directing visitors to send the Monero cryptocurrency to vote on whether or not the hackers should reveal alleged sensitive data proving their claims that Trump was involved in various conspiracies. The hacked… Read More

Hex Could be Pushing Ethereum Prices Higher – or Not

The ERC20 token called HEX might be behind some of the recent positive price action in the Ethereum market. While there is no way to know for sure, some commentators think that HEX is driving ETH prices higher. The HEX tokens are also the center of some controversy. There are people in the crypto community… Read More

CipherTrace Launches Educational Program to Detect Cryptocurrency Scams

CipherTrace is a cryptocurrency analytics firm, and it announced that it is working to help students become crypto savvy. It just launched a program in cooperation with the Middlebury Institute of International Studies of Monterey as well as Middlesex University London, and the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF). The new program is designed to provide students… Read More

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