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Kaspersky Warns Bitcoin Theft Will Increase In 2021

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has said it predicts a rise in crypto crime in the future after a post-COVID-19 world due to poverty. “The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to cause a massive wave of poverty, and that invariably translates into more people resorting to crime including cybercrime. We might see certain economies crashing and local currencies… Read More

Deutsche Bank: Digital Central Bank Currencies Will Permanently Replace Fiat Due To Pandemic

In a report titled “Konzept #19 – What We Must Do to Rebuild” published this week, Deutsche Bank Research listed economic evaluations and proposals to aid global economies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic declaring that CBDCs would soon permanently replace cash. Citing that “cash has come under much scrutiny during the pandemic” due to concerns… Read More

COVID-19 and the Future of Independent Money

Money is looking stranger all the time. The COVID-19 pandemic has spread rapidly across the globe, and the world economy is at its worst point since at least the 1930s. Centralized finance looks like it is in a pretty rough spot. The global central banking system is turning to wild ideas to keep the scam… Read More

Check Out #cryptoCOVID-19 and Unstoppable Domains – Making a Difference!

The COVID-19 pandemic is destroying the world economy. While politicians continue to keep people in their homes, #cryptoCOVID-19 and Unstoppable Domains are working to raise funds to help. If you want to attend a great online dance event, you are in luck! In less than 18 hours, there will be an amazing online event that… Read More

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