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Long ETH Positions hit a New All-Time High

Investors seem to have a positive view of Ethereum, which may create a sudden decline through a long squeeze. Over the past few days, ETH took a 10% nosedive that its price drop from $170 to $152. However, data shows that retail investors remain optimistic. Long ETH positions on Bitfinex are over 330,000 new positions… Read More

Binance Launches NEO Futures with Up to 50x Leverage

According to an announcement released earlier this week, Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance will launch the NEO/USDT futures and traders will be able to use leverage of up to 50x when trading the contract. Leveraged trading refers to using more money than is in a trader’s account to amplify the moves in a given market, so… Read More

Quantum Computing Breakthrough Probably Won’t Affect Crypto

The recent news cycle that started with Google announcing that it had a breakthrough with its quantum computing programs has left a lot of questions around how it may affect the crypto markets. Dr. Leemon Baird, one of the people behind Hedera Hashgraph, spoke at Web Summit 2019 and commented that quantum computing was, “like… Read More

Cryptos Lose Ground, Hold Support

Cryptos Lose Ground, Hold Support The crypto markets are being sold. Over the last 24 hours the CCI30, which is a measure of the 30 most valuable tokens, has fallen to 2,824. The CCI30 has traded around the 2,930 level over the past 48 hours, but it is seeing selling pressure as the North American… Read More

As Crypto Markets Remain Steady, Ethereum is Blasting Higher

Crypto market seem to be rounding out the week with strength. The CCI30, a measure of the top 30 cryptos by market cap, is currently trading at 3,488, up from the lows it printed yesterday below the 3,400 level. The CCI30 is being driven up by a recovery in Bitcoin prices, and a general sideways… Read More

Bitcoin Price Moves Up Over Weekend

The crypto markets have been stable over the weekend, with bitcoin price rising from the lows that it logged last week. While BTC prices have been moving up, the Crypto Currency Index 30 (CCI30), a measure of the 30 largest cryptos by market cap, has been rangebound. The CCI30 has been trading in a range… Read More

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