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The Syndicate Launches COMP Campaign as Coin is Added to Crypto Earn

Crypto.com has announced a listing event on the crypto.com exchange with a $500,000 allocation at 50% off for COMP in The Syndicate. This is the latest event running in The Syndicate as the crypto platform continues to add support for new cryptocurrencies and features. To take advantage of everything that crypto.com has to offer as… Read More

Crypto.com Launches Exclusive Campaign for ALGO Deposits

Crypto.com is a pioneering payment and cryptocurrency platform which has now announced its latest campaign, allowing users to earn interests on their Algorand Tokens (ALGO). Click here to take advantage of all the great benefits provided by the MCO Card as well as multiple features offered by Crypto.com. The platform is constantly running campaigns and… Read More

Crypto.com Announces Reward for ICX deposits, paid in ICX with Crypto Earn

On May 19, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform Crypto.com announced its addition of ICX to Crypto Earn. Crypto.com users can now earn up to 6% p.a. on their deposits, paid in ICX while Crypto.com Private users will earn up to 8% p.a. Also, Crypto.com App is updated deposits and withdrawals of ICX features. In… Read More

Ledger Partners with Crypto.Com to Expand its Crypto Payment Options

Ledger customers will be able to pay by using Crypto.com’s wallet app. This represents a big step forward for Crypto.com, and will make its platform available to one of the best hardware wallets in the world. On April 9, Leading hardware wallet producer Ledger announced that the firm accepted payment in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH),… Read More

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