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Bitcoin Gets Two New Major Code Improvements

The two proposals Schnorr and Taproot were merged into Bitcoin Core last week and will be implemented at a later time. According to commit history on Github, Bitcoin has just had a silent update pushed into its code which will become active at a later date. When activated, the two code proposals will bring about… Read More

Bitcoin Price Breaks $7,000 USD – May Rise Further

While most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are showing moderate gains over the past week, Bitcoin has smashed through the $7,000 USD level, and it may have much further to go. Bitcoin (BTC) has broken the $7,000 mark for its third time within this week. It is currently trading above $7,500 USD, and if the… Read More

Crypto Hiring Falls From 2018, Talent Moving to Development Hubs

According to Linked In’s 2018 Emerging Jobs Report, “Blockchain Developer” is the top emerging line of work with 33x YoY growth. However, “Blockchain Developer” was not found on the report in 2019. Crypto hiring is not as hot as 2018, but the industry is holding up well. It would appear that there is a big… Read More

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