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More Helicopter Money Coming As 1.8 Stimulus Proposed By Trump Administration

The U.S. government money printer is getting ready to go brrrrrrrrrrrrr again with 1.8 trillion in coronavirus stimulus proposed to be airdropped. This is about, about $400 billion less than the $2.2 trillion bill previously passed earlier this month. However, that legislation was stopped up in the Republican-controlled Senate. The two sides have struggled to… Read More

Chinese Courier Firm SF Express Adopts Blockchain

The second-largest courier services provider in China, SF Express, has decided to use blockchain technology in transporting critical supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic. The program is a test of the technology, but it may lead to wider implementation of blockchain technology. An English-language newspaper which is published in China, the Global Times, released a report… Read More

Monitoring Blockchain to Protect Non-Infected Community During Pandemic

As the number of global deaths from COVID-19 is climbing, many nations are looking for solutions the mounting problems. Blockchain is being employed to help track people who have become ill, and also people who may be free from the novel virus. Several countries have encouraged working-from-home systems for employees, and schools are totally closed… Read More

Consensus 2020 Will be Virtual This Year

The Consensus 2020 Conference, widely known as one of the most importat events in the crypto world, has decided to be a virtual event this year. Attendees from all over the world have been told they can join in on the event online for free, as the COVID-19 outbreak is wrecking the global economy. Coindesk disclosed… Read More

COVID-19 Pandemic Hits Crypto Companies

The United States announced new travel restrictions in response to spread the COVID-19 coronavirus last week. President Trump released a Presidential Proclamation that suspends the entry of most foreign nationals, who have been in Europe for 14 days prior to their travel to the USA. The list of those countries contents Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic,… Read More

Is the COVID-19 Pandemic Behind the Rapid Drop in Token Prices?

The World Health Organization (WHO) officially classified the novel coronavirus which is sweeping across the planet as a pandemic. Tokens may provide safety in the long-term, but over the last week, the pandemic selling across asset classes has hammered on token prices. The new coronavirus, officially named COVID-19, has caused the single fastest fall into… Read More

HSBC: Blockchian Will Ensure Continuity of Trade Finance amid Global Coronavirus Outbreak

Megabanks HSBC, BNP Paribas, and Citi are among eight major banks which developed a blockchain trade finance platform. The Contour platform will be launched in Singapore later this year. It has already completed a successful trial that involved over $30 million USD in letter-of-credit transactions last year. Letter-of-credit (LOC) transactions are a payment mechanism widely… Read More

Coinbase and Messari Employees Work Remotely amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak is disrupting global commerce. Several crypto companies are recommending their employees take precautions, including Coinbase and Messari. The novel virus has already dome substantial damage to the Chinese economy, and it appears to be spreading globally. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, left a tweet to his 300K+ followers earlier this week that… Read More

FUZAMEI Launches Blockchain Platform – Donates $14K to Fight Coronavirus

A philanthropy-focused blockchain-based platform has been launched for tracking and managing data by Chinese startup FUZAMEI. According to recent press release, the platform is designed to boost the transparency and efficiency of businesses’ internal processes, including charitable organizations. The new strain of novel Coronavirus (nCov) is causing problems around Asia. The platform, which is named… Read More

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