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The Syndicate Launches COMP Campaign as Coin is Added to Crypto Earn

Crypto.com has announced a listing event on the crypto.com exchange with a $500,000 allocation at 50% off for COMP in The Syndicate. This is the latest event running in The Syndicate as the crypto platform continues to add support for new cryptocurrencies and features. To take advantage of everything that crypto.com has to offer as… Read More

Crypto.com Launches New DeFi Event as CKB Support is Added to the APP

Crypto.com has announced the launch of an exclusive DeFi CRO trading campaign as well as the addition of support for CKB. The crypto platform offers multiple features to allow users to benefit from the ongoing DeFi booming. To take your trading to the next level and receive $50 for free by signing for the crypto.com… Read More

Compound is Now Available on Crypto.com App

Crypto.com has announced the addition of Compound (COMP), the popular Decentralized Finance platform’s token, to the Crypto.com App. Crypto.com App is now supporting more than 50 cryptocurrencies with more being added regularly. To take advantage of this support and trade all your favorite currencies, make sure to click here to signup. Crypto.com Allows You to… Read More

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