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Coinbase claps back at big brother, Elon musk is considering creating his own social media platform and some very bullish XRP data is discovered. My name is Ben. This is your crypto nightly news wrap up. Let’s get it! Last week, the EU had the industry holding its breath as they voted on the Proof… Read More

Cartesi is now on Coinbase Earn

Learn about Cartesi and earn CTSI Rewards! Following our listing on Coinbase earlier this year, we’re launching a Coinbase Earn campaign to introduce even more people to our project and keep growing our community! Growing the Cartesi Community Coinbase Earn is very inclusive: newcomers, crypto veterans, and everyone in between can learn about blockchain projects,… Read More

Coinbase Exclusively Partners With NBA And WNBA As The Exchange Plans NFT Marketplace

Coinbase has partnered with the National Basketball Association (NBA), the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), NBA G League, NBA 2K League, and USA Basketball. Coinbase Exclusively Partners With NBA The recently listed Nasdaq cryptocurrency exchange company and the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced “a multiyear partnership” in a post published on Coinbase’s Twitter. 🏀 BREAKING… Read More

Coinbase To Allow Millions Of U.S. Customers Convert Paychecks Into Crypto Through Direct Deposit

Coinbase has announced, that it will be working with major payroll and HR businesses in partnership to enable millions of workers to get paid in crypto. Coinbase To Offer Millions Of Workers The Ability To Direct Deposit The new feature called “Get Paid In Crypto” is expected to go live in a few weeks which… Read More

Coinbase Working In Cahoots With The U.S. Government Closes Deal With ICE

Coinbase plagued by various scandals over the years, once a target of the IRS, now wants to sell blockchain analysis software to the IRS and federal government. Arguably one of the most significant U.S. cryptocurrency businesses is seeking to go against its customers by arming the feds with tools to go after cryptocurrency holders who… Read More

Hot NEW Coinbase Coins (Cryptos with GAIN potential)

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> Coinbase. One of the original centralized exchanges in crypto. Getting listed on Coinbase used to be a badge of honor in crypto. It meant your project met the rigorous standards of the Coinbase team. But now it’s 2021 and Coinbase is less like the Sotheby’s of crypto and more like the Coney… Read More

Coinbase’s Global Tax VP Expresses Outrage At Congress For Rushing Infrastructure Bill With Crypto Provisions Through The Senate

Coinbase’s global tax Vice President has expressed outrage at Congress for a rushed Infrastructure Bill with a controversial crypto tax tied onto it, which the VP of tax says could affect “60 million Americans or 20% of the U.S. population.” Coinbase’s Global VP of tax, Lawrence Zlatkin bashed lawmakers for “‘at the last minute” adding… Read More

Cartesi’s CTSI is Now on Coinbase Custody!

CTSI is now supported by the most reputable digital assets custodian, Coinbase Custody! We are thrilled to announce that CTSI is now supported on Coinbase Custody! Coinbase Custody is one of the largest and most reputable providers of custodial services for digital assets in the US. Through the support of CTSI on Coinbase Custody, Cartesi will… Read More

CTSI is now available on Coinbase.com and the iOS and Android apps!

We are excited to announce that in addition our recent Coinbase Pro listing, CTSI is now available on Coinbase.com and the iOS and Android apps! Coinbase customers can now buy, sell, convert, send, receive, or store CTSI immediately. For full details and regulations please see Coinbase’s blog post: https://blog.coinbase.com/cartesi-ctsi-iexec-rlc-mirror-protocol-mir-and-tellor-trb-are-now-available-on-coinbase-fe8086e58e92 About Coinbase Coinbase is building the… Read More

Coinbase Announces ETH 2.0 Staking Amid All Time High Locked Up On Ethereum Beacon Chain

Coinbase has announced that it will offer staking services for Ethereum 2.0, allowing customers to earn 75% of the rewards. Coinbase announced the waitlist for Ethereum 2.0, staking in a blogpost. “By joining the waitlist today, customers will be first in line to earn ETH2 staking rewards,” said Coinbase’s senior product manager for retail, Rhea… Read More

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