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BREAKING: OKEx CEO Arrested Withdrawals Suspended

According to a Twitter post popular cryptocurrency exchange OKEx based in Malta, has issued an “Announcement on Suspension of Withdrawals.” A report in Chinese states the CEO, Xu Mingxing hsa been arrested and is cooperating with authorities. Withdrawals of digital assets/cryptocurrencies @OKEx are currently suspended. Other functions are up and running. Your funds and assets… Read More

Is Chinese Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Moving to North America?

China is known as the dominating force in digital coin mining. According to CoinShares Research, China’s Bitcoin miners controlled some 65% of total hash power at the end of 2019. Chinese firms such as Bitmain and Canaan, which are the biggest manufacturers of bitcoin mining hardware in the world, have a substantial impact on the… Read More

FUZAMEI Launches Blockchain Platform – Donates $14K to Fight Coronavirus

A philanthropy-focused blockchain-based platform has been launched for tracking and managing data by Chinese startup FUZAMEI. According to recent press release, the platform is designed to boost the transparency and efficiency of businesses’ internal processes, including charitable organizations. The new strain of novel Coronavirus (nCov) is causing problems around Asia. The platform, which is named… Read More

Justin Sun Invests in Poloniex

Poloniex once controlled more than 50% of exchange transactions globally, but it has seen regularly declining volume in recent times. The exchange was founded in 2014 and Circle acquired it in early 2018 for $400 million. Before its recent dispersal, Poloniex had a little more than 1% of the exchange market. Last month, Poloniex announced… Read More

Novogratz Says It’s Vital For The USA To Transition to Cryptocurrency

While the US is still fumbling about uncertain rules for the crypto industry, China is forging ahead with it is crypto and blockchain plans for a digital future. Several nations, mostly in Asia, have started research and development on their central bank cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, the US is getting left behind, especially if the recent Libra/Congress… Read More

China is Serious About Cryptocurrency

It looks like China is starting to take cryptocurrency seriously at a state level. Zhou Xiaochuan is the former, longest-serving governor of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), and also considered by many to be an elder statesman. Xiaochuan recently had a 30 minute talk with TV show China Friday on “Digital Currency Challenges Global… Read More

Governments vs Facebook: The Cryptocurrency Race

Facebook continues to press forward with their Libra Association plans. Libra is the social media’s cryptocurrency project. Announced in June 2019, Libra is scheduled to launch in 2020. World leaders, like United States lawmakers and the European Union members, have been quick to criticize Libra. Citing privacy concerns for Facebook’s 1.74 billion users across the… Read More

There Are 500 Blockchain Projects Registered in China

While Chinese President Xi Jinping shows his support for blockchain technology, there are 500 blockchain projects that have been registered with the Chinese government since March of this year. The information released from two lists, 197 projects named in March and then 309 in October, means hundreds of enterprise blockchain projects under development in China…. Read More

China’s Crypto Law Goes into Effect January 2020

Chinese state-run CCTV reported that The Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress in China has passed a new law regulating cryptography on Oct. 26 that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2020. The new regulatory framework sets standards for the application of cryptography and the management of passwords. It establishes the role of… Read More

The 21st Century Internet Race Between China and The U.S.

In 1955, when the United States announced plans to launch a space satellite, the announcement also created a race between the United States and Russia to see who would make the most innovative and historical space development. Landing on the moon was a historical moment for the U.S., but it also indicated that the U.S…. Read More

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