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MetLife States Central Bank Digital Currencies Aren’t A Fad

Investment management firm MetLife has stated that CBDCs will continue gaining mainstream adoption, although a “launch among Western countries seems unlikely to occur anytime soon.” MetLife Investment Management (MIM) founded in 1868 has released a macro strategy presser outlining its forthcoming role of blockchain-based assets, specifically central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). MetLife states that CBDCs… Read More

Welcome to the Global Venezuelan Inflation Hell

There is a lot of money – and it will make most people poor. We think of money as wealth – but it isn’t. Money is a means of accounting and nothing more. You can ask John Law about it – and ask him how the Mississippi bubble ended. Some think that the French Revolution… Read More

Diginex CEO Says Technological Progress is Deflationary – But Inflation Might Be Coming

Diginex CEO Richard Byworth says that technical advances might not save people money as expected, due to the inflationary ideas of central banks and governments. In a recent conversation with media, Byworth stated that “Technology is just so deflationary on many of our goods and services.” Diginex business’s core strategy is to develop a platform… Read More

Data is Easy to Move Globally – Why isn’t Money?

It is difficult to see traditional banks as anything but a massive scam. Money is data – and today – data can be moved just about anywhere in a few seconds’ time. Fast forward to ‘reality’ in the banking system, where moving a few digits around can take days. What gives? Let’s be totally honest… Read More

Central Banks are Buying More Than $1bln in Assets Hourly – Hello Fiat Firestorm!

Global central banks are in to some new ideas in a big way. While the global crisis of 2008 saw central banks up their asset purchases over a number of years – the mega crisis of 2020 is being used as an excuse to buy more than $30bln in assets on a daily basis. Since… Read More

Going Cashless – It Probably isn’t Going to be Great

There is a big gap between digital assets and a cashless society. In the wake of the COVID-19 political nightmare, calls for advanced societies to get rid of physical cash are on the rise. The technocrats love this theme – and they are likely to push this program no matter how ridiculous things become. The… Read More

Goldman Sachs is Bi-Polar on Bitcoin – Prop Token Will Probably Flop

Wall St. seems to be reluctantly warming up to cryptos, but Goldman Sachs appears to be having a hard time making up its mind. After the mega-bank’s anti-Bitcoin rant earlier this year, it is reportedly working on its own blockchain platform that would allow people to use Goldman tokens. There isn’t much info about the… Read More

CBDCs Look a Lot Like Regular Old Fiat in a New Package

Central banks all over the world are working on digital currencies, some of which involve blockchain, but these new Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) aren’t anything new – nor will they address the issues at the core of the fiat currency system. To begin with, fiat currency is already digital. Technically it is debt that… Read More

Money for What?

Is 100 BTC a lot of money? As it stands right now, those 100 BTC would fetch you around $941,500 USD, or 544 troy oz. of pure gold. To be a little less formal, 100 BTC would make you an ‘almost’ millionaire, which most people would like just fine. Some people define a Bitcoin Whale… Read More

Can Bitcoin Slash the ‘Red Tape’ in Global Markets?

In recent years, Bitcoin has become more and more popular globally, and there have been increased calls to regulate cryptocurrencies. These regulations have been an important factor in paving the way for greater adoption from different areas of the financial world, although many crypto purists have been critical of the moves toward greater regulation. While… Read More

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