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ECB Sends Another Confirmation of Coming Global Currency War

As China takes a step forward on its CBDC, which some think will pose a threat to ‘dollar dominance,’ the Eurozone and the European Central Bank (ECB) is joining the show, and scrutinizing central bank digital currency. There’s no more urgent motive than to shield the Eurozone from other public or private digital currencies –… Read More

Central Planners Fall Flat – The Fires Will Burn While Mobs Rage!

Things aren’t looking so hot for the 1% at the top. We know – it looks a lot worse for the people who are struggling for food and such – and clearly, it isn’t looking so hot for them either. The big difference is how far they have to fall – and what kind of… Read More

US Federal Deficit Explodes – USG on-track to Spend $3tln Over Receipts in 2020

Do numbers matter anymore? Based on what the US government and Federal Reserve are doing – one is inclined to say – no. 2020 has been a wild ride, and the political reaction to COVID-19 has created record federal deficits in the USA. Earlier this year there was a monthly deficit spend of over $800bln,… Read More

EX-FDIC Chair Sheila Bair Knows the System is Dirty – it Will End in Spectacular Fashion!

Who sets up other people to fail – so they can win? A real @$$ho*& is who. There is little doubt that the Western financial system is designed to keep a very small group of people fat – while the serfs try to eek out whatever living they can manage. Fiat currency sucks. The idea… Read More

Top Indian Central Banker See NO Future for Digital Money Monopoly

A monopoly architecture shouldn’t be included in the future strategy of both private digital currencies and central bank digital currencies, according to Raghuram Rajan, a former governor of the IMF. In a recent statement Rajan, who is also a former chief of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said that private cryptocurrencies such as Facebook’s… Read More

US FED Moving Forward with Digital Dollar Development – Official

A US FED Governor recently talked about the digital dollar – which appears to be under development. The US government is desperate to make its fiat hustle last a little while longer, and a digital dollar might be part of that scheme. In a published statement, Federal Reserve Board Governor Lael Brainard revealed that the… Read More

Singapore may Allow Crypto Derivatives, Encourage BTC Transactions

Singapore has shown itself to be one of the most open nations to cryptos, and it looks like it is taking its crypto industry one step further. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), which is more or less the small nation’s central bank, just announced that it will be looking into crypto derivatives. According to… Read More

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