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Massive Crypto Cartel Revealed – Digital Currency Group Part 1

width=”560″ height=”314″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> The Digital Currency Group is an organization that purports to be the accelerator of a “better financial system”. But the ownership and money behind the DCG point to something different. This is part one of a three-part series that is exposing one of the largest players in the cyptoverse, and how they… Read More

China Allows News About Ethereum on State Television – Does Beijing Need Crypto?

In a recent coverage by the CCP state media, Ethereum DeFi was featured as one of the main reasons for the rush higher in Bitcoin prices after the early crash in 2020. Talk about crypto also went out on social media about the news – although many don’t understand the risks that surround fiar currency… Read More

CyberVein Partners With China’s Government to Launch Blockchain-Based Smart Brain

Blockchain platform CyberVein is working with China’s government on a new project – which is a blockchain-powered governance system, dubbed “Smart Brain.” The partnership also marked the Singapore-based blockchain firm’s participation in the construction of China’s Hainan Wenchang International Aerospace City. The projects is described as “China’s first aerospace cultural and tourism city,” aiming to… Read More

China’s Digital Yuan isn’t a Great Idea – Watch it Implode on the World Stage

China is pushing the envelope with its Digital Yuan (DY) program – especially if it plans to launch the currency globally. Some commentators have proposed that the DY program could challenge the reserve currency status of the US dollar – which is laughable. No, no Chinese currency – digital or otherwise – will supplant the… Read More

New DeFi Association – Conflux Network – Working to Unite Global Markets

More and more people are showing interest in the concept of decentralized finance (DeFi), especially the movement of applying DeFi technology to create new financial technology systems with the participation of many businesses and institutions. Amid the evolution of DeFi, a China’s blockchain startup is rolling out a new DeFi alliance. The Conflux Network, a… Read More

Huawei Could be Arming the CCP with a Weaponized Blockchain

In a recent report from Chinese Official News Outlet, the People’s Daily, Huawei’s vaguely stated “strategic cooperation agreement” with the central bank in 2019 was fleshed out with added detail. Huawei will be a large contributor toward the government’s “New Infrastructure Initiative” by providing its Huawei Cloud blockchain to help build Beijing’s digital city. The… Read More

The Launch of China’s Digital Yuan may be Delayed – CCP Looks Weak as US Pressure Mounts

It’s been over eight months since COVID-19 has run rampant across the globe, closing down businesses and stopping economic growth in its tracks. China was the first country to discover the virus and now it is attempting to stage an economic recovery. As businesses are working to operate again the Chinese government realized the current… Read More

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