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Jerome Powell: “A Digital Dollar And Physical Cash Must Co-Exist”

Jerome Powell has stated that a central bank digital currency (CBDC) won’t remove the need for physical cash in the near future. Instead, a digital U.S. dollar would work in tandem with the physical fiat version. Powell repeated a key point made in a recent Bank for International Settlements report the Fed contributed to, stating,… Read More

Sweden Is Exploring A Central Bank Digital Currency As The Race Is On By Other Countries Against China

Sweden the country most known for its cashless society is exploring launching a potential Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC.) Sweden’s government will start exploring the utility of having the country move to a digital currency, Bloomberg reported. Per Bolund, Sweden’s financial markets minister said a review launched for the evaluation of an E-Korona (not to… Read More

Citigroup CEO Says The Bank Is Helping Governments Around The World Create CBDCs

Citigroup Chief Executive Michael Corbat stated in a Bloomberg interview that Citi Bank is helping governments “around the world” in creating fiat Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs.) While speaking to David Rubenstein at a Bloomberg event, Corbat declared that CBDCs are “inevitable” for the future of money. Adding that, Citigroup, was in the process of… Read More

ECB Sends Another Confirmation of Coming Global Currency War

As China takes a step forward on its CBDC, which some think will pose a threat to ‘dollar dominance,’ the Eurozone and the European Central Bank (ECB) is joining the show, and scrutinizing central bank digital currency. There’s no more urgent motive than to shield the Eurozone from other public or private digital currencies –… Read More

Estonian Central Bank May Launch Digital Currency

Many nations are joining China in developing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). At the beginning of October, Estonia’s Central Bank announced the launch of its own digital currency research initiative. This decision was made following other central banks’ activities in virtual currency, including the European Central Bank (ECB). This research program is studying part… Read More

EU Plans Comprehensive Digital Asset Regulations – Will People Prefer Alternative Assets?

Recently leaked documents point to a wide reaching set of EU regulations for digital assets, including stablecoins which may or may not be based in the value of the European common currency. Europe has taken an open stance on crypto, and has left the vast majority of the policy decisions up to its member states…. Read More

The ‘One China’ Policy May be Ending – is the Digital Yuan Going to Fail Internationally?

The relationship between the USA and China is falling apart. In fact – we may be at a turning point in history. While some of the moves that have evolved from trade liberalization with China have been a benefit to Western corporations – the power that China has amassed is ultimately at odds with the… Read More

Clash of the Wet Noodles – US and China Equally Suited to Fail in a Decentralized World

It is interesting to compare the USA and China in terms of their next generation tech development priorities. In a recent OP-ED by Ripple co-founder and chairman Chris Larsen warned that the US risks losing a digital cold war that could see the Chinese Yuan replace the US dollar as the global reserve currency. This… Read More

Why Did the PBoC Back-Off the Digital Yuan?

Don’t look for any certainty around the introduction of China’s Digital Yuan. Despite all the fanfare around a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in the worlds second largest economy, it looks like the project is being underdeveloped at the highest levels, and merchant banks aren’t willing to allow the public to play with the currency…. Read More

US Government Looks for Ways to Use Blockchain as China Backs off Digital Yuan

Many US government agencies are slowly showing their interest in blockchain (distributed ledger technology) thanks to the transparency and efficiency it provides. This interest stems from a proof of concept conducted by the Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation (FIT) to track mobile devices. Later, the technology was implemented into other projects that manage software… Read More

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