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Welcome to Cartesi HQ

Recent months have seen a lot happen at Cartesi headquarters. From exciting product rollouts and strong new partnerships to the success of our DApp Incubation Program, it’s been a busy Q1 for the Cartesi team! This being said, we have no intention of slowing down operations in Q2 and beyond; we are pleased to announce… Read More

AMA Recap with the Binance International Telegram Group, featuring Cartesi’s CEO, Erick de Moura, and Felipe Argento, Blockchain Engineer

9/3/2021 — We’ve recently conducted an AMA in Binance’s International Telegram group. The AMA was held with Erick de Moura, CEO, and Felipe Argento, Blockchain Engineer, at Cartesi. Note: Some of the text may have been edited for clarity and grammar. Binance Admin: Hi chat and welcome to a special AMA with the Cartesi Team!… Read More

Presenting the Release of Noether’s Proof of Stake: Version 1.1

We are pleased to announce the release of Noether’s Proof of Stake System: Version 1.1, one of our milestones for Q1. This release represents an upgrade to the Noether Node and CTSI staking system, preceding the upcoming staking delegation release, which is in the works for our Q2 release. Full changelog details can be found… Read More

February 2021 Monthly Report — Collaborations with Elrond, Avalanche, and Cartesi DApps in IoT and NFT’s Now on the Descartes SDK

February 26, 2021 — February has been a significant month of progress for Cartesi! We are starting 2021 off with the bang to lead into the year. We’ve begun bringing more awareness to what we are building and have had significant expansion in our community and partnerships. The Cartesi team recently released our updated roadmap… Read More

The Cartesi DApp Incubation Program $20K Matching Round is Now Live on Gitcoin Grants

We are pleased to announce that in our partnership with Gitcoin, we have now launched the last phase of our DApp Incubation Program. The finale of the Cartesi DApp Incubation Program consists of a Gitcoin Grants Round in which we are contributing a matching pool of $20K US. Our three incubation program projects, Creol, SimThunder,… Read More

Cartesi (CTSI) is Now on Staking Rewards, the Leading Data Provider for Staking and Crypto Growth Tools

We are pleased to announce Cartesi (CTSI) is now on Staking Rewards. Staking Rewards is the leading data provider for staking and crypto-growth tools. Listing on Staking Rewards allows for Cartesi and CTSI Reserve Mining to be easily discovered and referenced through real-time, transparent and verifiable staking data to the wider crypto ecosystem and enthusiasts… Read More

February, 2021 Development Recap — Updated Roadmap for 2021 and Cartesi Rollups

Development Updates During the last month, the Cartesi team worked toward several important milestones, including releasing our updated roadmap for 2021. Additional development fronts the team worked on are: Implementation of Descartes Rollups, which will implement optimistic roll-ups with interactive dispute resolution on Cartesi’s architecture. This will allow smart contracts to be coded with mainstream software…. Read More

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