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Bloomberg Terminal Adds Cardano Amid Talks Gray Scale Trust Setup A Cardano Skeleton Fund

Bloomberg Terminal has added Cardano (ADA) to its list of supported assets, exposing it to hundreds of thousands of institutional investors amid rumors that Grayscale Trust is about to add Cardano to its investment portfolio. Grayscale Trust an asset manager that currently holds the most Bitcoin, recently, filed and announced its exploration of at least… Read More

Crypto Crow Hosts Historic Interview with Celsius’ Alex Mashinsky And Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson

Youtuber Jason Appleton known as Crypto Crow interviewed Celsius’ Alex Mashinsky and Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson where the three discussed a myriad of topics from — crypto, partnerships, regulations, dating advice, to the pandemic, and the evil banks. During the event, Mashinsky announced that Celsius would add Cardano (ADA) to its app by Q2 of 2021. … Read More

Crypto.com Adds $FARM, UNI, and WBTC Support

Crypto.com has announced that its users now can trade $FARM, as well as buying UNI and WBTC at true cost on the platform. The crypto platform is constantly expanding its services as multiple cryptocurrencies are added to the supported list weekly. To take advantage of the wide catalog of coins supported by crypto.com, make sure… Read More

Cardano Recurring Buys and Dia Are Available in the Crypto.com App

Crypto.com has announced its addition of Cardano (ADA) into its recurring buys feature as well as DIA support in the App. The exchange has been adding cryptocurrencies to the list of coins supported by the recurring payments feature, creating new investment opportunities for its users. To take advantage of this feature and receive $50 by… Read More

You might not Have been Paying Attention if You Think Cardano is a Scam

Cardano, the open-source and decentralized blockchain project with its cryptocoin (ADA), has seen a growing interest from the crypto community in recent months and with that, comes some criticism which is not always valid. In the crypto world is not unusual to hear people referring to projects they didn’t benefit from as “Scams” without any… Read More

Three Crypto.com Benefits You Should Check Out Right Now!

Crypto.com is a leading platform to buy, sell, and pay with cryptos. It also offers an MCO Visa Card, a metal card which offers its users a 5% cashback paid in cryptocurrency. Other benefits for some plans include Netflix/Spotify rebates, different rates in rebates for multiple sites and services, LoungeKey™ Airport Lounge Access for the… Read More

Crypto.com Offers a Big Discount on Cardano (ADA)

The Syndicate ( a part of Crypto.com) platform recently announced the listing of Cardano (ADA). The firm will run a discounted sale event for $500,000 worth of ADA at 50 percent off to celebrate the listing. The event will start on June 9 on the Crypto.com exchange. Crypto.com has a wide footprint in the crypto… Read More

Use Cardano to Purchase New Balance Tennis Shoes

On September 28th, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of blockchain engineering startup IOHK, announced that American footwear brand New Balance will be using the Cardano blockchain to help authenticate its products and to allow its customers to verify the origins of an array of products. The partnership announcement was made during Cardano’s second anniversary event at the… Read More

Japanese Restaurant and Hotel Announce Support of Cardano Through Emurgo

Hotel Palm Royal Naha Kokusai Street and Pine Tree Bless Bar in Okinawa, Japan have announced their partnership with Cardano. The partnership is through Cardano’s Emurgo. Hotel and Bar guests will be able to use Cardano as a payment option. This announcement was shared on Cardano’s website, quoting Hotel Palm Royal Naha Kousai Street, “With… Read More

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