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Binance Research Suggests Payment Sector May be Rattled by Facebook’s Libra

According to Binance Research, Facebook’s Libra project could change the face of the payments sector. It found that this new technology after conducting deep dive into the proposed payments platform. Binance Research recently commented on Libra’s most current whitepaper, which is a lengthy report. Part of Binance Research is claiming Facebook’s proposed asset could significantly… Read More

Market Mayhem Rockets TradingView Traffic – New User Registrations Explode

Due to COVID-19, and the wild swings it has created in all major asset classes, people are turning to TradingView in ever greater numbers. TradingView reported a surge in not only traffic, but also new registration as well. The movements in stocks, bonds and cryptos over the last two months have been amazing. While they… Read More

Crypto.com Delivers Great Offers for MCO Cardholders

The ongoing fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many problems for people in their day-to-day lives. Crypto.com has recognized the need to offer people support in these trying times, and has introduced three great offers for anyone who uses their selection of MCO debit cards, which operate on the Visa network. According to Kris… Read More

Bitcoin Suisse Invests $3M in CoinRoutes

Bitcoin Suisse just announced that it has made a $3 million USD investment in CoinRoutes, a crypto market intelligence firm. The announcement comes at a time when some in the crypto markets are turning negative on the future prospects of the industry, although there have been many positive developments recently. With the investment Bitcoin Suisse… Read More

BitMex CEO DISAPPEARS Into Thin Air | $55k Bitcoin SOON? | Libra Coin May Never Happen

Bitmex CEO Gone Bitmex CEO Arthur Hayes has seemingly disappeared. Well, that may be wording it a little too strongly. He has been missing in action from his Twitter account for over two weeks now in the midst of a CFTC probe into Bitmex. People are starting to wonder if he is keeping a low… Read More

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