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There Is Now A Visa Card That Offers “Bitcoin Rewards”

It’s incredible the “adoption” that Bitcoin continues to see only when it’s price is moving higher. All of a sudden, the deals, the stock names tied to Bitcoin and the gimmicks that we haven’t heard from in months come back full force gale as the cryptocurrency pushes up against its all time highs. Like Visa, who… Read More

New Crypto.com Users Can Earn 2% Bonus on Deposits to Exchange

According to a blog post from May 25, the cryptocurrency payment provider Crypto.com announced that the company is starting to offer a 2% bonus on all new crypto deposits made to the Crypto.com exchange. Crypto.com users who have signed up and completed “Advanced” level KYC verification from May 11, 2020, will be eligible to earn… Read More

Brave Desktop Browser Adds Built-in Binance Widget!

The Brave Browser team has announced that it now has a built-in Binance Widget. The new desktop browser version grants access to Binance trading through a native widget, which makes buying tokens a lot easier for Brave Browser users. The widget has been tested for over a month and is ready to be used on… Read More

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